The impact of the portal on corporate culture

    Corporate culture is a phenomenon that is directly related to the organization’s personnel, values, norms, rules, patterns of people’s behavior in the company. According to the interpretation of the personnel management dictionary, corporate culture is a system of declared values, norms, rules, behaviors of employees of the organization that is purposefully formed by the management team, the ideal desired image of how the management team would like to see its organization.

    Positive impact

    Firstly, the portal helps new employees to adapt to the new work environment and corporate culture. The newcomer receives comprehensive information about “how we do it” - how the holidays are held, whether they are celebrated, significant dates for the company, values, goals, where and how to solve emerging issues, where you can smoke, in the end. The intranet also forms the idea of ​​the company's image with the newcomer and creates an adequate vision of the organization’s policy. Each employee should have access to reliable information about the company, its history, structure, leadership, traditions and rules.

    Secondly, everything that can be written down - a mission, a tree of goals, job descriptions, local regulations, answers to “sick” questions, feedback from employees, surveys, rational suggestions - can be posted on the portal. Thus, you do not have to repeat the beaten truths many times and doubt that you have not been heard.

    The informative and communicative function of the corporate portal is equally important. If the main postulate of the organization is information transparency, then the portal should become a platform for discussing all sorts of pressing issues that inevitably arise in the work of any company. Discussions, gossip and speculation in the smoking room do not ennoble the image of the average employee. If a person finds all the necessary information on an internal site, then the degree of private conversations will noticeably decrease, and perhaps the latest news from the corporate site will be added to the conversation topics.

    Experienced Human Resource specialists share their experience that the forums and chats that exist on the local network where employees can discuss organization problems make it possible to establish not only vertical, but also horizontal connections between employees.

    Let's analyze the

    components of the Corporate Culture Components traditionally considered:

    • the adopted leadership system;
    • conflict resolution styles;
    • existing communication system;
    • the position of the individual in the organization;
    • accepted symbolism: slogans, organizational taboos, rituals.

    Most of the tasks are successfully solved using the corporate portal. The site is not a one-way communication. It can easily become a convenient platform for various kinds of staff research - it can be surveys about the needs, opinions and moods of employees, revealing their level of loyalty to the company. To create a truly sustainable organization, it is important to understand the level of employee satisfaction with the work process. This will reduce staff turnover, and, therefore, to declare itself as a stable, stable organization.

    Negative influence is an isolated case

    According to experts, the portal may not affect the corporate culture, only in one case - if it is uninteresting and unreadable. A negative impact is possible if the content publishes information that is not true. For example, the company’s anthem is laid out, which supposedly employees should sing every day at the workplace.

    However, there are other very curious examples. McDonald's world-famous catering chain has a developed and interesting internal site, and songs and legends are composed about the company's Team Building policy. Team spirit is reflected in everything - in advertising materials and slogans, in the format of building work, HR-specialists pronounce these values ​​with newcomers and experienced employees over and over again. People from outside the staff of these fast food restaurants seem zombie.

    The portal is one of the most powerful tools for building a strong cohesive team. But in retaliation for the resilient corporate spirit, a group of proactive McDonald's employees created their own internal site - a regular forum where you can discreetly complain about the severity of your fate from management. The forum was very popular until it was closed. Either on the initiative of the company’s management, or because the organizers themselves lost interest, but there is only one conclusion - give your employees the opportunity to complain. They will be grateful to you!

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