Battle City on unity in 1 day?

    Is it possible to make a simple game in one day on unity without having experience in this?
    The question was rhetorical until we tried.
    There is such a project - 2niversity. This project has appeared recently, but I really liked their goal - to gather young people and to organize a one-day intensive

    activity for her free of charge in order to increase skills in any technology. When the project manager called me and offered to try to hold a similar event at unity, I thought about it.
    On the one hand, everything seemed simple to me personally - 5-7 hours for a simple game and everything was ready, on the other hand, people who participate in the role of students will have to use this engine for the first time. Perhaps for the first time they will have to try themselves in the role of a game creator. If you are interested in how this experiment ended, I ask you to

    think it over. I decided to choose the Battle City project with NES to try my hand. Why not? The game is simple, quite famous. There is no physics, the field is small, artificial intelligence is not particularly required - the very thing is to begin to master the technology.
    My fellow artist prepared a simple art and, armed with enthusiasm, we started!

    The students gathered and divided into 4 teams of 3-4 people. We tried to divide those who already had some experience in unity, equally. The task was simple - to make a clone of tanks. The game should have included elements such as gameplay, interface, Ai and, of course, the beginning and end of the game. Moreover, in fact, it was not a requirement to create tanks - the guys could decide to create any game in their group, the tanks were only an offer. By the way, one of the teams made a 2D fly with a helicopter, which surprised the organizers a lot.

    The task was allocated about 5-7 hours with a lunch break.
    Yes, the teams had questions. Yes, many went from “how to make the tank move” to “how to spawn enemies”.
    But the nice thing is that all the teams reached the finish line. All!

    Of course, on average everything was simple: movement in physics, keyboard control, intelligence - a random choice of direction and shooting. But after all, not much time was allotted!

    Someone screwed nice special effects to the game, someone changed the gameplay to Sokoban (yes, there were some), but everyone made a little game that you could play! One team generally made a two-dimensional flight simulator from scratch, and the guys even made models and animations for them at this event.

    This was not a competition, because no prizes were supposed to, but I hope that this experience was useful to the participants.
    I understood one thing - yes, a game that can be sold may not be made for 1 day, but it is quite possible to make a prototype.

    UPD: reloaded on github
    Perhaps someone will be interested to see under the hood, here is the source code of the project .

    UPD: another of the works on the github

    UPD: the guys who created the helicopter sent a link to their project

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