Where and how do developers rate their employers? Services assessment companies in the IT industry

    Yesterday we launched on My Circle a new service for evaluating companies - with its help you can find out how employees rate their employers according to different criteria. And in this review we will show several similar services to compare with ours. If you know other good examples, let me know in the comments!


    The Glassdoor database has more than 770 thousand companies with more than 40 million ratings from employees. At the same time, there are about 3 thousand Russian companies or companies with Russian representative offices .

    The company receives a public rating, even if it is based on a single review. Therefore, employers who have collected a sufficient number of assessments for an objective view are much less than indicated above.

    So on Glassdoor, the Yandex appraisal page looks like

    this. Any authorized user can post ratings on companies. It is assumed that the user is working in the company now or left no more than five years ago. Estimates are completely anonymous, but the user can, if desired, open up a little, indicating his position, period of work and city.  

    Employees are offered on a 5-point scale to evaluate the following 5 qualities of the company:

    1. Culture and Values ​​of the Company (Culture & Values)
    2. Work / Life Balance
    3. Senior Management
    4. Salary and Bonuses (Compensations & Benefits)
    5. Career Opportunities

    So on Glassdoor, a detailed evaluation by Yandex appears.

    You can also say whether you recommend the employer to a friend or not (Recommend to a friend), approve the general director or not (CEO Approval), positively assess the company's prospects or negatively (Business Outlook).

    Individual employee ratings are displayed in a separate list, they can be sorted by date, rating, or popularity. Company representatives cannot delete any ratings, but can give official answers to them.

    So on Glassdoor looks like an individual assessment of the company "Yandex" 


    In the database Indeed, there are more than 72 million estimates.

    Each user can leave a rating about any company. It is assumed that the assessment can leave a user who either works or has previously worked in the company. Again, the estimates are completely anonymous, but the user is required to indicate their position, work period and city.

    So on Indeed, the Yandex company rating page looks to

    Employees on a 5-point scale to evaluate the following 5 company qualities:

    1. Work-Life Balance
    2. Salary and Bonuses (Pay & Benefits)
    3. Safety and convenience of work (Job Security / Advancement)
    4. Company Management (Management)
    5. Company Culture (Culture)

    Approximately the same points as in Glassdoor. Only, instead of top management, management is assessed as a whole, instead of career opportunities - safety and convenience of work.

    Similarly, you can, if you wish, recommend a company to a friend or not, approve the general director or disapprove. Individual employee ratings are also displayed in a separate list, sorted by date, rating or utility.

    So at Indeed looks like an individual assessment of the company "Yandex" 


    This service is focused only on Ukrainian or international companies with offices in Ukraine. Estimates are mainly IT professionals, for whom the service as a whole is intended.

    Perhaps this is the most rigorous service ratings from all that we met. A company receives a public rating only if it is evaluated by more than 10 employees. Each year, the previously received assessment is reset and it needs to be re-received. Companies can be rated only by users who have linked their LinkedIn account to the service, where this company is listed in the user's experience as current.

    Total, in the service database of about 350 companies with estimates calculated on the basis of more than 14 thousand individual votes.

    So on Dou.ua looks like the evaluation page of DataArt

    Employees are offered on a 6-point scale to evaluate the following 7 qualities of the company:

    1. Opportunities for professional growth
    2. Comfortable working conditions
    3. Management Literacy
    4. Compensation package
    5. Recognition of the results of labor
    6. Communication with senior management
    7. Goodwill atmosphere

    Then calculate how many points the company scored for each of the criteria from a potential 100%. If desired, these points can be converted to the usual 5-point grades. Details dou.ua based on estimates .

    There is a list of users who voted for the company, but it is not clear who exactly how they voted. There is no list with individual grades. Reviews about companies, users write separately from scoring.

    My Circle

    We specialize in evaluations of IT staff. A company receives a public rating if it is rated by 10 or more employees.

    Ratings can be left by any registered user who has experience in the relevant company on My Circle. Evaluations are completely anonymous, but an employee can additionally tell about his specialization, work experience and city.

    So, on My Circle, the Yandex company rating page looks like .

    We offer employees to evaluate the following 12 company qualities on a 5-point scale:

    1. Interesting tasks
    2. Modern technologies
    3. Adequate salary
    4. Social package
    5. Comfortable working conditions
    6. Professional growth
    7. Career growth
    8. Relationship with colleagues
    9. Recognition of the results of labor
    10. Management Literacy
    11. Communication with top management.
    12. The company makes the world better

    So on My Circle, an individual assessment of Yandex appears.

    You can also indicate on a 10-point scale the probability of recommending a company as an employer to friends. If you wish, you can tell in free form about the advantages and disadvantages of the company.

    Individual company ratings are displayed in a separate list. There is a filter: by the date of grading, by the presence of comments on the advantages and disadvantages, as well as by utility. Representatives of the company can not delete any ratings, but may give an official response to them.

    In the next publication we will tell about the rating of IT companies according to estimates that we have collected at the moment. In the meantime, you can study on your own all the companies that have received marks on My Circle . It will also be great if you rate the company in which you are currently working!

    A little later, we posted one more material on the topic of the new service:
    The Best IT Employers: First Results of the Rating Service on My Circle

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