Neuropoet and other future stars

    In the network, there are more and more works on recurrent and generative neural networks that tolerably cope with such tasks as writing poems, generating music and drawing pictures (see styling programs). It is strange that automation with the help of neural networks more quickly yields to just what seemed the most intractable and purely human talent - creativity. But to learn what any animal cleverly does - to move in space and manipulate objects - this is somehow still bad.

    But in any case, the myth of the last century is that we will be engaged in creative work, and machines work for us (“robots are injected, not people” (c) Adventures are electronics), as it collapses before our eyes. It seems that robots will be engaged in creative work, but we, the mob, will work on him to listen to his sweetly heard songs and poems. Rave? But the neural network already composes something no less absurd than some poets. And in the end, surely learn how to do it better than any person. And in different styles and directions. And we can not ignore it - the best will be more interesting to us. Pop-stars of a far from distant future will not be people, but avatars from the screen, followed by a neuropoet (bot) distributing “autographs” on the social network (“greetings from neuropoet” to you). Realism in 3D cinema allows you to present video broadcasts of such stars with concerts,

    Why is that? But why. It must be admitted that creativity in the form of word gossip is not the highest kind of function of a higher being. When there is no goal, or rather a goal - to squeeze something out of yourself, then the machine also copes with it. According to the poems of “neuropoet”, it is clear that they are not burdened with meaning, we are only interested in unexpected, therefore, metaphors that seem new to us. Type "collective farm mind." But not by chance. And in the present work they are far from being accidental, but subordinated to a common goal and idea of ​​the work, realized in a non-trivial way through allusions, metaphors, plot. This car still can not. For example, write a story with a consistent action of the characters. This is true creativity.

    But, an example of the ease with which the neural network is engaged in word-play, rather than a complex movement, has shown that building movement towards a goal in a new situation is a much more false task. And it was succeeded to solve it with difficulty, with much greater efforts than to create a neuropoet, and not to the students of the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, and only in a simplified form (google car on the road with marking). The best achievement of only one Boston Dnamics company is a primitive running donkey able to keep balance. A robot with hands that deftly manipulates objects remains a dream for the time being. Why would it?

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