Individual eye movements as a component of a person’s identification system

    Security systems are now becoming more complex, and biometric systems have firmly taken their place in the overall “ecosystem”. But it is clear that security systems, including those based on biometric identification, must constantly evolve. Fingerprint, iris - all this may not be enough. Oleg Komogortsev, a specialist from Texas State University-San Marcos, is going to create a system that would identify a person by the individual movement of the eyeball.

    According to Komogortsev, such a system would be no less, and perhaps more reliable, than biometric systems using fingerprints and scanning the iris of the eye. By the way, devices that scan the iris are already used in private companies, some airports.

    When tracking the movement of the eyeball Komogortsev offers removes two characteristics of the eye. The first is fixing the eye on a specific point on the display. The second is the moment the apple moves when moving the gaze from one point to another. The computer evaluates the data obtained, and determines unique characteristics for each case, that is, for each person, including the work of the muscles of the eyeball.

    As already mentioned above, such a biometric characteristic should not be used on its own. An identification system based on an assessment of the movement of the eyeball has a percentage error of approximately 34%. But the combined complex with an inexpensive iris scanner works much more accurately, with a 5% probability of an error.

    In the future, the developers are sure, such systems can be used to determine the psychological state of a person.

    Via nbcnews

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