Fake Call for Android (Fake Call)

    Friends, it's been a couple of months since the release of the new application.
    Finally, I decided to write a post and present to your attention a simple application - Fake Call for Android .
    The market is full of similar foreign applications, but we closed our eyes and made our own, similar in meaning, but most importantly Russian-language, with Russian videos.

    The idea of ​​the application is simple - using this application you can make a fake call so that the conversation is visible. Well, and thus, you can get the hell out of a meeting or a bad date.


    Application development took a little time. More was needed to fix various bugs.
    The design of the application is practically nonexistent. The idea was to make the application as simple and convenient as possible.
    We chose a video, chose a contact, set the time - we’ll call. And nothing more.
    In this connection, they abandoned individual design and other tricks.


    At the moment, the application is available in two versions (paid and free), the free version hanging in the top has collected more than 200k installations.


    If anyone has free time, I’ll be happy for feedback. At the moment, almost all the jambs have been eliminated.

    Well, the link to the application

    Thank you for reading!

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