Finger prostheses

    On a habr the prosthesis for the people who have completely lost a brush was already mentioned . But the development company ( Touch Bionics ) does not stop there. People who have lost fingers can now replace them with a robotic prosthesis .


    Not all configurations of missing fingers are available for prosthetics: there are restrictions on the use of a new prosthesis. The ideal candidate for installing mechanical fingers are those who have no fingers entirely, i.e. to the metacarpal bone . The company consults with prosthetics for the best use of the prosthesis.

    The device requires batteries and the ability to recharge them, as well as devices for turning the prosthesis on / off. The location of these elements depends on the length of the damaged limb. In any case, each time the position is selected individually.

    The prosthesis is controlled using myoelectrodes or resistance elements with pressure sensitivity. Sensors attach to the skin and respond to muscle contractions. These contractions are filtered, amplified, and sent to a device that drives mechanical fingers.

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