Opera will be released on Windows Phone 8

    Opera Mobile and Mini browsers were used by many smartphone owners before the advent of mobile Safari, Chrome or IE. With the release of iOS and Android, the market position of mobile Opera, of course, declined, but so far the browser remains the No. 1 program for surfing the Internet for many Android users and older systems, such as Symbian. The main strength of the company is the Opera Mini browser, which works wonders with the consumption of traffic.

    Vadim Makeev of Opera recently confirmed that the company is interested in porting Opera Mobile and Opera Mini browsers to the Windows Phone 8 platform. This is because the WP8 SDK allows developers to use C code in their applications, which was not possible with Windows Phone 7. This will allow Opera to use most of its code written in C, and with sufficient simplicity to port its products to Windows Phone 8:

    Unfortunately, we do not comment on the release dates. I can say one thing, as soon as it becomes possible to release Opera Mobile / Mini for Windows Phone (SDK in this case), we will do it right away. This is a complete SDK for development in C, for which we could use the existing universal code written for all platforms. So far, there is no such SDK for the Windows Phone platform. As soon as it appears, we port Opera Mobile / Mini.

    In Windows Phone 8, the native browser is Internet Explorer 10, which everyone has been praising since WP7. How big the Opera audience will be on the new platform is a good question, but somehow the data compression function before transfer will always find fans.

    UPD: At the request of KvanTTT, the Opera icon has been updated.

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