California enacts law to create free digital college textbook library

    The Governor of California signed two bills: the creation of the California Digital Open Source Library (California Digital Open Source Library) with free textbooks (licensed under CC BY) to be used in the fifty most popular college courses, and the creation of the California Council of Free Educational Resources ( California Open Education Resources Council) which will be engaged in the selection of materials for textbooks and their improvement. This council will consist of faculty members from the University of California, California State University, and community biennial colleges (community colleges).

    According to an audit conducted in 2008, the average cost of textbooks for US colleges per year was $ 1,260. According to statistics, the price increase for textbooks is four times higher than inflation, and according to one survey, 7 out of 10 students did not buy books required by the curriculum because of their cost. For biennial colleges, textbook fees can be up to 75% of all student expenses.

    The digital library will provide free access to textbooks released under this program, and the CC BY license will allow you to freely modify and adapt material from them.

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