edX / MITx: Introduction to Computer Science and Programming

    The course begins on October 1, 2012 and runs until January 14, 2013. As with many edX courses, the approximate load is 12 hours per week.

    The course is intended for people with little programming experience to understand computational approaches to solving problems. The goal of this course is to give students extensive, but not in-depth knowledge of many aspects of programming.

    Requirements for understanding the course: Algebra of high school and ability in mathematics.
    Learning will use Python 2.7. Knowledge of the language is not required.
    Lecture Topics (PDF)
    The first intermediate exam will be held from November 1 - November 4.
    The second exam from December 6 - December 9.
    Final exam from January 10 - January 14.
    One exam is given 3 hours, although the organizers claim that the task is designed for 90 minutes.

    If this is my first time encountering edX courses, I ’ll talk a little about how this happens. On October 1, a lecture course will be available. Lectures are a set of video materials with the simultaneous delivery of transcripts, that is, if you are hard to perceive English by ear, you can read what the lecturer is talking about. Lectures can be viewed at any convenient time. After each or several lectures it will be necessary to pass testing (a series of questions or a practical task).

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