Found a mushroom that can feed on polyurethane

    It is believed that more species of living creatures live in the Amazon jungle than anywhere else on the planet, and no one knows how many there are and what can be found there. This is one of the few white spots left on our planet, hung with satellites and strewn with mobile communications.

    A group of students at Yale University as part of a research expedition to Ecuador discovered a mushroom in the jungle that can survive on a polyurethane diet, even in the absence of oxygen!
    They called it Pestalotiopsis microspora, and published their research in the journal Applied Environmental Microbiology.
    Many people know that our usual plastic, which is now used everywhere - in packaging, in clothes, in electronic devices, etc., decomposes very poorly, since they do not feed on any of the organisms widely known to us, and pollution of the planet with plastic is already becoming a very serious problem - what does one Big Pacific garbage spot cost , which, according to some estimates, contains more than one hundred million tons of garbage.
    Perhaps the discovery of students will help solve the problem of inexpensive and quick processing of accumulated plastic.

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