Offline copying data to a new Android phone

    Today I will tell you how you can transfer data from one Android phone to another without an Internet connection.

    Using this method, you can transfer:

    • Contacts with photos and linking to ringtones
    • Call history
    • SMS and MMS
    • All applications
    • Desktop settings (provided that you use GoLauncher EX)
    • User ringtones
    • Photos
    • Music

    Can’t transfer:

    • Settings and data for most programs

    We will need the following programs: App Backup & Restore , Go Backup , Go Launcher EX , Go Contacts EX , a href = “ »> Call Guard.

    1. Save contacts: Run GoContacts. Menu-Save-Export to SD card.

    2. Save the ringtone binding: Launch the Call Guard. Click "Save."

    3. Save SMS, MMS, call history, Go Launcer settings: Launch Go Backup. We refuse to switch to the version of Pro-New Backup-remove the daw from the “Contacts” -Start Backup.

    4. Save programs: Launch App Backup & Restore. Menu-Un / Chek All-Remove daws from those programs that are not needed-Backup Selected Apps.

    5. Copy the following from the memory card and internal drive (if any):
    App_Backup_Restore - Folder with saved programs.
    DCIM \ Camera - Photo Folder
    Pictures - Processed pictures (for example, from Instagrsm)
    GoBackup - data from GoBackup
    Media - user ringtones and other system sounds
    ru.smithson.ringtoneKeeper - data from Call Guard
    Music - music (you may have a different name for this folder)
    contact <date and time>. vcf - contacts
    Folders with the names of the programs that you want to transfer (there is a chance that programs will be able to recover their data from these folders).

    6. We write all these folders and files to the SD card or internal drive of the new phone. It is better to rename the Camera folder (for example, in OLD) so that photos from the old phone do not mix with photos from the new phone and there is no confusion. This folder must be written to the DCIM folder.

    7. Install App Backup & Restore on the new phone. If there is Internet, you can install this program from the market, if there is any file manager in the new phone, you can install the program from the mobi.infolife.appbackup-6-1.0.5.apk file, which is in the App_Backup_Restore folder. If there is no manager file, sometimes it is inside office suites (for example, QuickOffice). In extreme cases, you can transfer this file via Bluetooth from the old phone to the new one and install it right there.

    8. Launch App Backup & Restore. Press the “Archived” button -Menu-Un / Chek All-Restore Selected Apps from above. For each program you have to click the "Install" and "Finish" buttons.

    9. Launch GoLauncher EX.

    10. From it, run GoBackup. Restore-Got It-Click on the date-Uncheck the "Contacts" -Restore.

    11. Launch GoContact. Menu-Save-Import from SD card.

    12. Launch the Call Guard. Click "Restore."

    Of course, all this is not perfect and not very convenient, but it allows you to transfer data to a new phone in less than half an hour.

    ps I do not use GoBackup for transferring contacts, since it transfers photos and for transferring programs, since it cannot transfer itself.

    pps Perhaps there is a program that correctly transfers applications, SMS, and contacts (maybe even linked to ringtones), but I have not found one yet.

    ppps If both phones have root, it becomes possible to transfer program data using the same GoBackup or TitaniumBackup.

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