Motorola asks to ban the import of Apple products in the US (iPhone, iPad and iPod)

    Apparently, patent wars will not end soon, if ever. Before the Samsung-Apple lawsuit ended, in which the Cupertino company won, when the consideration of the complaint of Google Motorola Mobility against Apple began. So, Motorola Mobility not so long ago appealed to the US International Trade Commission with a complaint against Apple. The company asks not only to ban the import of iPhone, iPad and iPod into the United States, but also to ban the sale of Macs in the same country.

    According to Motorola Mobility, many models of Apple mobile devices use technologies that are patented by Motorola, and Apple has never requested permission to use such patents. Representatives of Motorola Mobility saw violations in devices such as iPod Touch, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and all models and versions of the iPad. Violations are also found in Mac Pro, Mac mini, MackBook Pro, and Mac Book Air.

    In this case, the complaint is based in the vast majority of cases using iMessenger software, which, according to Motorola representatives, uses the patents of this company that were received by Motorola back in 2001. In addition, the client-server technology that many Apple gadgets work with also seems to violate some Motorola Mobility patents. In total, the complaint refers to the use of technologies affecting seven Motorola Mobility patents.

    The complaint has already begun to be considered, so interesting results can be expected. It is unlikely that Motorola Mobility will achieve a ban on sales of Apple gadgets in the United States, but what the hell is not joking. And we can only follow how events unfold. The complaint will continue to be processed for 45 days starting on September 19th.

    Via minyanville

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