Preparing an IT Demo for MMS and IT Camps - Part 1

    Greetings Colleagues!

    Today I would like to share my impressions regarding the preparations for IT Camps for our latest server OS - Windows Server 2012, and the day before this event, MMS will be held. The events will be held on September 26-27, that is, next Thursday at the RIA Novosti site, you will be able to personally meet and learn all the details of the new OS and other new chips from Microsoft ...
    BUT for the event to be successful (which means interesting and informative for the audience) you need to make a lot of effort at the preparation stage. About how this happens, in more detail, under the cut.

    Labs, Labs, Labs

    Perhaps, in addition to the speakers' reports (well, apart from delicious food), the most interesting (if not the most useful) for the participants are always live demonstrations and laboratory work. If the former clearly demonstrate the deployed solution and its scope, then the latter allow you to personally gain experience setting up and working with the product or technology.
    So these are the things that fell into my area of ​​responsibility at these events. Let's start with a description of the demo stands and what we want to see on them.

    Demo stand will always stand

    We will be consistent, and start with the story about the demonstration of the first day, September 26, MMS.
    For the demonstration by joint collegiate efforts of Microsoft representatives and our colleagues from HP (which, incidentally, provided us with VERY interesting pieces of iron - for which many thanks to me personally from me - it is always very cool and interesting to poke around with high-quality, powerful and rare equipment) we accepted the decision that it will be interesting to demonstrate the deployed private, no, even hybrid, cloud based on Windows Server 2012 , System Center 2012 SP1 Beta and Windows Azure . Also on this platform it is planned to deploy labs for the second day of the event - September 27.

    To demonstrate, I was allocated a c3000 basket, 4 BL460 G8 blades with 64GB of RAM and 2 CPUs each, a pair of 300 GB 15K SAS disks per blade. Also in the basket is the P4000 storage with 2 TB of disk space. Just the very thing for demonstrating System Center 2012 in conjunction with the new Windows Server 2012. Here it is, my beauty (basket) of my dreams (home))). Indication of hard disks is very interesting - if you have a disk configuration in RAID 0, then the LED backlight on the drive eject button lights up to warn you that it is not necessary to remove the drive, but if RAID 1 you will not find the difference from the usual button. Sorry there is no mechanical lock ...

    The basket also has an internal network of 10 Gb / s, which allows very efficient data exchange between the blades - believe me, it’s a real pleasure to see how 150 Gb VMs with Windows Server 2012 demonstration labs fly from a blade to a blade at a speed of 500 Mb / s (not forget about optimizing the size of Jumbo Frame data packets). And if you recall that Windows Server 2012 can make HA-configurations based on SMB 3.0 ball, then a lot of tasty things awaits us ... But we won’t deprive you of our own pleasure to see for yourself and try it.

    Private Cloud or Just Fast Track

    In any case, virtual machines with WS2012 labs are deployed on hosts and everything works just fire!
    The only thing left is to deploy a private cloud based on System Center 2012, which is exactly what I will do in the next couple of days.
    In order not to reinvent the wheel, Microsoft, together with its iron partners, developed the Private Cloud Fast Track initiative .
    At its core, this is also a hardware-software selection of hardware, hardware for integration with Windows Server and System Center, which is validated by vendors. That is, in other words, this is a bundle with a platform for a private cloud that scales to your needs.
    We will not focus on this, especially since in the future we are expected to have a number of articles and video materials with a more detailed description and discussion of similar platforms from different vendors, not only HP. In the meantime, I work, in fact, with HP's Private Cloud Fast Track, and Evgeny Marchenko, a fire specialist in HP server hardware, helps me with this. The photo with us is a little lower (you can see how much strength I sucked from Eugene - here I am an IT vampire).

    So the most interesting thing is that the integration of cloud with features from HP is just ahead - and I’ll talk about this another time.

    Where is the super iron !?

    Still, the iron should be interesting - and there is nothing super-special in the c3000 basket with G8-blades, it’s just a good box under the cloud, but here’s the DL980’s 8-core case and (here my heart sank in outcome) 2TB of RAM !!! I don’t know how you are - and I don’t drive with such a dense forcemeat every day, well, MSA 2000 is there somewhere with 6 Tb ROM-HDD in addition.
    My joy has no limits - I LOVE HARDWARE !!!! (see below).

    Well, a more visual picture of the face of this monster, I hope in the future (not far off) I can make a more detailed review of this piece of iron from the point of view of the hardware cloud platform.

    So we have everything to carry out good labs on, we will now cook (yum-yum).

    IT Camps and IT Camp'ics

    For those who, for whatever reason, did not manage to register for the main event, we have great news, and not even one!
    Firstly, you can watch the broadcast.
    Secondly, after the IT Camps in Moscow - we will have a whole Road Show in different cities of the country - do not miss the moment.
    And thirdly ... Exclusive Pre-IT Camps will be held tomorrow and Friday, September 20 and 21, respectively.
    The format of these events will be closer to the format of meetings with the community - that is, less formal, and the duration is only 4 hours, the audience is small, 20-30 people - so it will be possible in a more comfortable atmosphere to talk about the new Windows Server 2012.
    And here are the dates events and registration links.

    September 20

    Moscow - Georgy Gadzhiev
    • Start time: 10:00
    • Site: Mikrotest Center
    • Address: 1st Derbenevsky Lane, building 5, building 2, Derbenevskaya Plaza, entrance 3, floor 6
    • Registration: .com / CUI / InviteOnly.aspx? EventID = 52-E5-D2-0F-0D-8B-88-40-8B-5E-67-49-2F-B5-DC-DA & Culture = en-RU & community = 0

    St. Petersburg - Alexander Shapoval
    • Start time: 10:00
    • Site: Microsoft Office
    • Address: Aptekarskaya embankment, 20 letters. A, Avenue Business Center , 8th floor
    • Registration: D7-B3-A7-9F & Culture = ru-RU & community = 0

    Moscow - Georgy Gadzhiev
    • Start time: 19:00
    • Site: Microsoft Office
    • Address: Krylatskaya 17, building 1, Krylatsky Hills Business Park
    • Registration:

    September 21st

    Moscow - Georgy Gadzhiev
    • Start time: 10:00
    • Site: Mikrotest Center
    • Address: 1st Derbenevsky Lane, building 5, building 2, Derbenevskaya Plaza, entrance 3, floor 6
    • Registration: .com / CUI / InviteOnly.aspx? EventID = 52-E5-D2-0F-0D-8B-88-40-8B-5E-67-49-2F-B5-DC-DA & Culture = en-RU & community = 0

    St. Petersburg - Alexander Shapoval
    • Start time: 17:00
    • Venue: St. Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance
    • Address: Sadovaya St., 21, auditorium 214
    • Registration: ru-RU & community = 0

    So Alexander and I will be very glad to see you at our camps !!!
    Well, everything, I ran on to pick super-iron and not only.
    Today, even with Mikhail Komarov, in the evening, we must once again check out the demos and labs for tomorrow and Friday camps.

    Until we meet again and great IT achievements to you!

    George A. Gadzhiev,
    Information Infrastructure Expert at
    Microsoft Corporation

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