Humble Indie Bundle 6

    A new bundle has been released. Six new (and not so) wonderful games and five sound tracks.

    • DustForce - Super Speed ​​Acrobat Wiper
    • Rochard - Miner with a gravity gun
    • Shatter - Arkanoid Vector Hypertext Fidonet
    • SPAZ - Asteroids with megalomania
    • Torchlight - Hack and Slash in the dungeon
    • Vessel - Everyday Plumbing

    DustForce is an idea as a bonus, for which you need to pay more than the average (~ $ 5.65 at the time of writing).
    Charity goes for EFF and Child's Play

    Vessel so far only available under Windows, but in a day will open for Mac and Linux.

    There are sound tracks for every game except Vessel.

    Considering that accounts have recently appeared in the Humble Bundle, you can register before the purchase. And also add bundles purchased earlier to your account to simplify access to them (no need to wool mail).

    Well, the link, of course:

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