I switched to mac os? No, have I switched to linux? Omg did I stay on windows?

    The Inter-Galactic University welcomes you to the first lesson of the proto-Martian version of the alpha-galactic introduction to the basics of OS (Operating Systems).
    This question occupies the minds of many generations. What to choose as the main OS? Either Apple’s OS, which can perceive the user's mental fluctuations when the user’s mood changes and change the wallpaper to the beat, or Microsoft’s OS, which can launch any application from 100,346,654,084,764,650 applications designed for Windows 95, 98, Me, Nt, XP, Vista , 7, 8, IAPb (Corrected by Punto .... Cherom), GOST version 3.11, and finally our favorite version is GOST 2056. You can also choose Linux 2012, 2013 and Linux of any year of release, version, or 3.54.665.332.76 (All version numbers are copyright LINUX inc.).

    So, welcome to 2084, I really hope that you all perfectly understand that any software purchased or downloaded from any server within the 1.x.34.u.12 universe is cross-platform, according to GOST 12.11. 10-33 or gost-11/14/15-34, I also understand perfectly well that a resident registered in galaxy 1.x.34 is either adjacent, otherwise you would have either a language (encoding int 12/43/67 ) barrier, or political (inter-democratic opposition general steers!).
    The listed conditions are labeled “Basic and comprehensive”: unity of cross-platform (execution of any program on any OS), unity of language (any language that is applicable to any OS, applicable to any application written for this OS), unity of worldview (inter-democratic the opposition general steers!).
    In the absence of basic conditions, the coexistence and development of basic operating systems could be in question. Why should there be competition between them if the “Best program for office documents” were only for “Windows”, and “In a very truncated version” for “Apple”, but for “Linux” it would not exist at all. It's just ridiculous now, in 2084, and just 72 years ago, it was quite a decisive factor in choosing an OS. We will not mention those who died in an unequal battle “half-axis” * & U ^ $$ ##! @! Psh ... psh ... Our report from the past 2012. continues the reporter Ivan Rasukhov Abramovich. So, Ivan Abramovich, what can you say about the battle for the OS?
    - For the OS, I can still say that they bite! And about the Operating Systems, there are only three of them, and Microsoft rules everything!
    - This is disgusting Ivan Abramovich! And what caused this strange fact?
    - I don’t know, Tatyana, but they say that Apple can only be bought with their own hardware, and Linux does not support many “Applications”
    - Ivan Abramovich! And what, in fact, do residents of distant 2012 mean by “Application Programs” and “by their own hardware”?
    - Tatyana! It turns out that in this unfortunate year 2012 there were no “Basic and Comprehensive Rules" that were adopted only half a century later. And Apple produced (itself!) Its own hardware along with its OS !? And in Linux (as in the OS from Apple) there was no part of the programs adopted de facto in a number of industries ???? Just imagine it, Tatyana!
    - That's just terrible! Our dear viewers, in connection with the sudden adoption of the new rules of television ratings, only people over 30 can watch us. All remaining, please leave your comments.

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