Where to go to the designer: prestigious international awards

    Galina Kamneva, a graduate student in Design in Netology , and the Chief Editor of the Netology blog, Olga Evsikova, compiled famous international competitions for graphic and web designers, interface designers and product designers .

    The article will tell about the awards, categories, deadlines, last year's winners from Russia and the peculiarities of submitting applications.

    The material will be released in two parts. In the first part we will talk about international awards, in the second - about Russian ones.

    Best of Digital Design Competition

    A competition created by the Society for New Design (Society for New Design) - an organization that brings together art directors, designers, editors, illustrators, journalists and anyone associated with the media. Since 2010, it can annually participate in news sites published anywhere in the world.


    • Breaking / Daily News;
    • Features;
    • Graphics;
    • Special event;
    • Portfolio;
    • Product Design;
    • Experimental Design.

    In 2018, together with The Washington Post, The Guardian and The New York Times, four projects of the Russian TASS news agency immediately received special awards in the “Graphics: Planned Events” category (Graphics: Features and planned coverage).

    They've been waiting for the promised nine years

    " Astronauts "

    " When Napoleon Came "

    Satellite one

    “Astronauts” and “When Napoleon arrived” were also marked in the direction of “Product Design” (Product Design).

    To participate, you need to apply . Each competition covers one calendar year. Applications are accepted during December, refereeing takes place in February. Participation fee - $ 40, if you are not a member of the SND.

    Malofiej International Infographics Awards

    Award aimed at recognizing outstanding infographics in print and online. Since 1993, he has been awarded gold, silver and bronze medals, as well as the Peter Sullivan Award for the best infographics and Miguel Urabayen for the best map.


    • Printed graphics;
    • Online graphics.

    In 2018, Russian infographic designers received three bronzes in the “Infographics in online publications” category - TASS Infographics for their work “They've been waiting for the promised nine years” to build the Zenit Arena stadium in St. Petersburg and the design center MIA “Russia today "for the work of" Vostochny Cosmodrome "and" Palmyra: the pearl of Syria ":

    " Vostochny Cosmodrome "

    " Palmyra: the Pearl of Syria "

    The works published over the past year are accepted for the competition. Applications are accepted until February 23. A single infographic entry fee is € 15. If infographics takes more than two pages in a row - 25 €. For a portfolio or special offers - 40 €. Detailed rules, deadlines and categories information by reference .

    European Design Awards

    The award awards the work of European designers in the field of design and graphic design. You can provide work for clients outside of Europe.


    • Company / Brand Logo;
    • Printed / Digital / Integrated Identity Applications;
    • Book Layout;
    • Book Cover;
    • Artistic Catalog;
    • Magazine,
    • Annual Report;
    • Calendar;
    • Poster;
    • Brochure;
    • Product Catalog;
    • Cards & Flyers;
    • Packaging Alcoholic Drinks;
    • Packaging Food & Beverages;
    • Packaging Health & Beauty;
    • Music / Film Cover;
    • Promotional / Information Site;
    • E-commerce;
    • Mobile Apps;
    • Motion graphics;
    • Book & Editorial Illustration;
    • Infographics;
    • Self-Promotion;
    • Original Typeface;
    • Signs & Displays;
    • Exhibition Design;
    • Design Concept;
    • Student Projects.

    To participate in the contest you need to register and submit an application through the site . Participation fee - 140 €. If you apply for more than five nominations, a 20% discount is offered. For students who did not publish entries, the fee is 40 €.

    In 2018, Russian agencies received 12 awards.

    Advertising campaign Neighborhoods "Sberbank"

    Sberbank and the Good Moscow agency launched the Neighborhoods campaign to collect opinions on the bank’s website about what the residents of different districts of Moscow lack. The bank also placed questions on the facades of buildings: “What is missing here? Normal supermarket? A restaurant?

    Passers-by could vote for a suitable option on the Sberbank website. The data obtained was used to create banners that advertised the issuance of loans for small businesses.

    For example, the user was shown that there was a shortage of a pharmacy in his area and was offered a loan. Good Moscow received the Best of show - gold award in the Infographics - Print category.

    Redesign of the training platform "Codvards"

    Platform game for kids " Kodvards " and mobile application development studio Redmadrobot jointly updated platform design.

    The game helps children to learn the basics of programming - users need to save the underwater city from a disaster, establish a system of urban communications, solve problems, and all this with the help of a code. Redmadrobot received gold in the category of Miscellaneous Digital.

    Cognition installation in the Stockholm City Hall

    In March 2017, Russian media design studio Radugadesign presented in the Stockholm City Hall an audiovisual installation Cognition (Cognition), developed in collaboration with composer and pianist Nikola Melnikov for the Swedish brand of home appliances Asko. For the project, Radugadesign received gold in the Digital Installations category.

    Identity of the Strelka Institute

    The work of the design team of the Strelka Institute received gold in the nomination “Branding: Using Identity in Printing” for the identity of the 2017 Summer Public Program.

    Infographic on the Patriotic War of 1812

    The project of the agency "TASS Infographics" is a map of Napoleon’s Russian campaign with an explanation of the details of the military conflict. The project is based on a map of the phases of Napoleon’s offensive, created by French engineer Charles Joseph Minard in 1869. For the work "TASS Infographics" received silver in the category "Infographics - digital».

    Packaging design for the brand Borealis

    The agency Ermolaev Bureau has developed a packaging design for the Borealis brand, a retail of the Russian fishing company Norebo.

    The Ermolaev Bureau illustration for Borealis

    Ermolaev Bureau explored all types of fish and developed a visual system that displays the characteristics of each type with the help of a sign and a visual language. For the project Ermolaev Bureau received silver in two categories: Corporate Illustration and Cards & Flyers.

    Identity for Good Moood Farm kefir

    Agency Depot WPF developed for the American manufacturer of kefir Good Moood Farm visual representation that reflects the values of the brand: the absence of artificial additives, respect for animals, simplicity and naturalness. Elements of the visual style in the form of illustrations and fonts are applied in production, in the office and on the packaging of products. For the work Depot WPF received silver in the category Corporate Illustration.

    Site to attract employees

    Voronezh Red Collar created a website about its team to attract new employees. For her work, Red Collar received silver in the Digital Self-Promotion category.

    Photobook cover

    Graphic designer Konstantin Eremenko created the cover for the book of the military photographer Valery Faminsky on the basis of the negatives found during the Second World War. For his work, Konstantin Eremenko received a silver in the category Book Cover Single.

    Holographic installation of Moscow objects “Mixed reality”

    The LLC Hyparxis Agency and the Inty Agency have developed a holographic installation for the Moscow Government with images of urban communications and objects. The installation consisted of a wall of LED lighting, three projectors for the floor and LEDs mounted on the ceiling. LLC Inty received a bronze in the Digital Installations category.

    Jam packaging design

    Graphic designer Anastasia Genkina has developed a packaging design for the Siberian manufacturer of wild berry jam “ Taste of Taiga ”. The project's goal is to show that Taste of Taiga uses natural ingredients in production. For her work, Genkina received a bronze in the category Packaging Food & Beverages.

    One Show Awards

    The prestigious international award, founded in 1973, selects the best creative works in the field of advertising, interactive design and entertainment branding. Last year's winners included H & M, Apple, Intel, Nike, KFC, Audi.

    Applications for participation are accepted during the year by quarter, so that applicants can offer the most expensive and relevant work for the competition. The decision of the jury takes at the end of the year, the award takes place in New York.

    To participate, you need to apply in one of the quarters. Deadlines can be viewed on the website of the award . The price depends on the category: an average of 500-700 dollars.

    In 2015, the only winner from Russia was Geometry Global, which won the Bronze Pencil award for the Get Well Kit work for Sanofi client, presented in the Mobile UX Design category.

    In 2018, gold received the Neignborhoods project posters from Sberbank and Good Moscow design studio in the Interactive: Online Advertising / Banners nomination.

    Cannes lions

    Another prestigious award in the field of creative and marketing communications. On the festival website Cannes Lions note that victory puts you in the ranks of the world elite. And the festival trophies are recognized worldwide as the highest creative achievement, and also increases the ROI of work by 54%.

    To participate you need to pay a fee - from € 525, depending on the category and time of submission of work. To understand the definition of a category for your work, you can fill out a form on the site.

    In 2015, the studio Ermolaev Bureau took a gold and silver lion with the identity and design of packaging for the Russian brand of dairy products “Brothers Cheburashkin”.

    In the same year, the work “More than a sign” by the Young & Rubicam Moscow agency received a bronze in the Design category . As part of the campaign, the agency, together with the non-profit organization Dislife, turned the faceless parking symbols for people with disabilities into a wheelchair user.

    In the same year, Proximity Russia became the only domestic agency that was awarded by an expert jury in the Cyber ​​nomination. The work “The banner that will make you fall in love with banners” brought the agency bronze.

    In 2018, Moscow hosted the 24TTL agency with the project “ Cybersport in the name of equality ”. The customer is the organization She is an expert , which helps women overcome social barriers and realize their professionalism. The work was presented in the category Glass: The Lion for Change - for ideas aimed at combating ingrained gender inequality.

    Red Dot Design Award

    An authoritative award in the field of communication design, awarded by the European Design Center (Germany). The first annual design competition, founded in 1955.

    The award is divided into three disciplines:

    • Red Dot Award: Product Design;
    • Red Dot Award: Communication Design;
    • Red Dot Award: Design Concept.

    Products, communication projects, design concepts and prototypes presented at the competition are evaluated by the Red Dot jury, which meets once a year. Winners are celebrated at the Red Dot Gala Award Ceremony. Award-winning projects are featured in the Red Dot design museums.

    To participate you need to register on the website of the award and submit an application.

    Winners 2017

    Holding "Cheburashkin Brothers. Family Farm ”received the Red Dot Award in the Packing Design nomination for packaging dairy products for children, developed by the Russian branding agency Ermolaev Bureau. DEZA

    branding studio received an award for the project Time to visit Russia, presented in the nomination Brand Design & Identity. In the concept of corporate identity, the studio decided to use meaningless stereotypes about Russia with bears and balalaikas instead of fighting them.

    Studio White Russian Studio won the award in four nominations at once.

    • In the category of branding, for the development of the brand for the Moscow park Sokolniki. Designers were inspired by Soviet constructivism and used only environmentally friendly paints and biodegradable materials.

    For branding for burger The Burger Brothers. The studio used the first concepts drawn on a napkin. So the designers wanted to draw attention to the people who make the project unique.

    • In the nomination "Corporate Film" presented a video about themselves.

    • The corporate website of the company won the Website nomination.

    Sberbank received an award in the User Experience Design category for developing its website based on user research.

    The Sberbank website

    Art. Lebedev Studio won the Red Dot Award: Product Design for developing the Scout helicopter. The ergonomic control knobs and the user interface of the helicopter's display allow both amateurs and professionals to fly safely and comfortably.

    Helicopter Scout

    Engineers from the Novosibirsk company Logeeks developed the MyAir air quality control sensor and received an award in the Product Design category. The results of the analysis can be synchronized with the application and share on social networks.

    The air quality control sensor MyAir

    Still Product Design in 2017 was taken by Edward Zhegalin with the development of a Nimb pendant lamp for public spaces and a Krivda LED lamp.

    Nimb lamp

    Krivda lamp

    Webby awards

    The leading international prize in the field of Internet, founded in 1996. Winners are chosen by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (AIDAS) and public voting. Jury members are Twitter founder and creative director Beise Stone, Instagram fashion director Eva Chen, Tumblr founder David Karp, as well as editors and writers from The New York Times, Elle, Wired.

    The set of applicants will open on September 10, 2018. In order not to miss the set, you can subscribe to the newsletter and submit an application by mail through the form on this page.

    In 2016, three agencies of the BBDO Russia Group team received awards. The first went to the agency Instinctwith the project Instaposters for the sports brand Nike. The agency received an award in the category of Best Use of Mobile Media (nomination “Advertising and Media”).

    The project of Instaposters for Nike

    In the nomination “Advertising and Media”, the award was received by Proximity Russia agency for developing a project for 3M company - “Banner that will make you love banners”. The project was awarded a jury in the category Display & Banner Advertising.

    The banner that will make you love the banners

    The second campaign of BBDO Moscow agency , which won the award The Webby Awards is the Deadly Timeline project, designed for the insurance company Intouch in order to improve road safety. An expert jury noted this work in the Online Guerrilla & Innovation category.

    Project “Deadly Timeline”

    In 2018, two Russian companies received the award.

    Studio Leo Burnett Moscow with the project Fans against all odds ("Fans against all odds") in the Sports category for the Lokomotiv football club. Two videos dedicated to Lokomotiv fans: the first about the youngest who were born after the last victory of the club in 2004, the second about the fan who has lived in Italy for several years and continues to root for his native club.

    Fans against all odds

    Another project by the Leo Burnett Moscow studio about the opening day of the first McDonald’s restaurant in Moscow received an award in the Messaging / Bots category:

    TBWA Moscow Studio developed the Briefing Banner project and won the Best Use of Online Media award:

    Briefing banner

    CSS Design Awards

    The international award in the field of web design and development, launched in 2010. With the support of an international commission of experts, the winners are awarded special certificates, prestigious trophies and recognition of industry leaders.

    CSS Design Awards there are two refereeing systems:

    • WOTD or “Site of the Day” determines the winner by the jury points. Sites that get more than seven points will receive a certificate the next day and will participate in the WOTM contest (“Site of the Month”).
    • In the UI, UX and Innovation categories, the jury and site visitors determine the winner. To win, it is enough to collect twenty votes and the average score of judges is no less than six.

    Awards go worldwide. You can also get WOTY awards ("Site of the Year") and WOTD ("Designer of the Year"), in which designers, studios and agencies can participate. Winners get trophies.

    To participate you need to pay $ 44, select a category (Solo, Studio, Agency) and fill out the form .

    In 2017, the Voronezh company Red Collar received the award in the category “Agency of the Year” in the Designer of the Year 2017 competition.

    Agency site Red Collar

    In the next part of the selection of Russian competitions.

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