Friday's PHP: Free Skillbox Webinars

    Last time we published our webinar collection on Saturday . Now we decided to try Friday: analysts suggest that it will be more convenient for you, the readers.

    So, in today's compilation - free PHP webinars. Themes are the most diverse, useful information can be gathered both by a beginner (the main focus is on them) and a programmer with experience.

    An hour of PHP development practice from scratch

    About what PHP is, on the “Habré” does not need to talk, even the beginners know about it. As for the webinar, this is a programming master class, which tells how to deploy and configure a PHP project. It also describes the process of creating a list of pages in the application, the definition of the relationship between them. Bonus - and so that you do not get bored of talking about the code, it also comes to the development of a PHP developer in the labor market.

    PHP Web Application Development

    This webinar is dedicated to the process of creating a full-fledged dynamic web application using PHP interaction mechanisms. In this language, you can organize database management in different DBMS, and it is quite simple to do it. An important plus of this webinar is that complex things are told quite understandably. They say the truth: if a specialist cannot tell the essence of his work to a child so that he understands, then this is not a very good specialist. In Skillbox, only the good ones are taught :) We

    remind: For all Habr readers, a discount of 10,000 rubles when writing to any Skillbox course using the promo code “Habr”.

    PHP developer: working for VS freelancing

    The eternal question: work in a cozy office, where there are cookies and coffee, or at home, where you can not bother with all these corporate standards of behavior. In the webinar comprehensively both options are considered, but without dragging the rope in any direction.

    Site for an hour! Part 1. PHP

    Yes, a PHP site can be created in an hour. But at the same time there are technical difficulties that are not completely obvious and which cannot be foreseen. The host of the webinar raises this important question and talks about how to quickly assemble a not very complex site.

    The PHP Jedi's Way: A Guide for Comprehending the Force

    Well, here, especially for adepts of the light (dark, however, too) side of programming, it tells about the basics of PHP. In particular, professional programmers talk about what PHP is for and what its advantages are, as well as the difference between frontend and backend programmers. Many other questions are raised that will also be useful for beginners.
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