QIWI Kitchen from June 7th - videos of our speakers

    Hi, Habr! From time to time for designers, researchers and analysts (and citizens who sympathize with them) we hold meetings under the code name “QIWI Kitchen”. A recent meeting was held on June 7th. We managed to discuss the creation of our virtual journal, the design features of virtual assistants, talked about semiotics and content creation for four different audiences (Hedonists, Independents, Estets, Traditionalists). Subjects of reports (as well as presentations of speakers) - under the cut. There are also full video presentations.

    Gregory eyeofhell Petrov, Voximplant

    Gregory talked about creating voice interfaces. The benefit of the company’s data and experience is enough - in the 5 years of its existence, customers have created tens of thousands of voice interfaces. Therefore, the guys know for sure which usage scenarios work and which ones are easier to forget right away as a bad dream.

    Download the presentation of the report

    Maria Papantym, Local Talk Semiotic Research

    Semiotics studies signs and sign systems. And Mary is studying semiotics. She told about how to choose signs and symbols that would be understandable to a large audience.

    Download the presentation of the report

    Stanislav Cute, Megaphone

    Yandex has Alice, and Megafon has Elena, a virtual assistant who takes self-service to a new level, allowing Megafon subscribers to quickly solve their problems.

    Download the presentation of the report

    Anastasia Fedorkova, QIWI

    Nastya made our new corporate magazine. Now she has been on both sides of the “Customer-Designer” barricades and knows how to become a customer of a dream and give the designer creative freedom.

    Download the presentation of the report

    Alexander Marfin, AdCharisma

    The values ​​of each type of audience directly affect how this audience consumes content and what it considers to be paramount. Therefore, the communication strategy and the alignment of visual images for each of these audiences is unique.

    Download the presentation of the report.

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