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Almost all the reviews that came to my eyes were written to provide information about top cryptocurrency and blockchain companies that are worth paying attention to, and, practically, they all mentioned Bitcoin and Aether. The only problem is that these companies are not new and most people who are interested in this topic know or heard about them. Thus, the reviews did not provide any new information. However, there are a huge number of companies worthy of attention, and in addition to Bitcoin and Ether. Therefore, in my article I want to explore this topic deeper and create an updated list of companies.

Experts predict that the global blockchain market will reach more than $ 60 billion in 2024, as more and more companies are beginning to use distributed registry technology and the use of this technology is becoming widespread. Despite being still in the early stages of development, the blockchain technology is carefully studied and adopted by world-famous industry titans like IBM and Softbank.

In addition, thousands of innovative companies around the world are trying to solve the problems of market imperfections through the effective use of the opportunities offered by the blockchain technology. Such companies are found in almost all industries, from content creation and transportation services to financial institutions.

The blockchain ecosystem thrives on well-structured organizations, developers, service providers, and entrepreneurs who create a new look at the business market. Below is a brief overview of 10 companies that use blockchain technology as the cornerstone of their activities, and this is different from competitors.


PATRON is one of the leading Japanese blockchain companies. At the moment, its members are creating a decentralized promotion platform with the help of opinion leaders to eliminate the inefficiency of branded content and social media. The company recently made a profit of $ 40 million from the sale of tokens and is currently entering the United States market. Founded by the leader of public opinion, Atsushi Hisatsumi, PATRON attracted the attention of the international community due to its strategic partnership and the presence of a strong team of advisors consisting of industry leaders and experts in the field of blockchain.


TraDove develops an easy, fast and reliable blockchain payment system between legal entities for international transactions. The company completed the development of one of the best cryptocurrency placement systems in 2018. She launched the world's first cryptocurrency settlement system between legal entities, partner channels from companies to clients, opened corporate demand for cryptocurrencies for sales and marketing, in fact a new market with a turnover of $ 76 million. The social network of relations between the corporations of the TraDove company connects sellers and buyers with a quick search for offers and high transparency of operations. The company was founded by entrepreneurs from MIT, LinkedIn, Facebook, Amazon and Alibaba.

Celsius network

Celsius deals with cryptocurrency banking. Their lending and lending platform will allow users to receive up to 5% of their profits for their cryptocurrency, or to borrow at 9%, using cryptocurrency as collateral. Celsius Network's goal is to attract the next 100 million people to use cryptocurrency, becoming the first killer app in the world. Risky or not, it clearly deserves close attention. The purpose of this financial and technological startup is to replace the traditional banking system.

Menlo one

Menlo One is a platform for creating decentralized applications that run at the speed of regular web applications. Their proven reputation algorithm is innovative for decentralized applications. One of the components of a multi-level platform called HashGuilds encourages other more experienced users to create reviews, evaluate and signal to all users of the platform about the emergence of high-quality ICOs. Managed by TED employee Matthew Nolan , a successful entrepreneur and developer of the blockchain, who worked on voting mechanisms for Ethereum after hacking database objects in 2016, Menlo One possesses serious professional qualities, and their primary cryptocurrency deployment system deserves attention.


Gameflip is an online trading platform supported by the Silicon Valley venture capital. It allows players to conduct transactions with all types of digital products and currently has 3 million users. After successfully achieving the maximum amount of collected funds for transactions with tokens, declared by a startup at the exit to ICO, FLP tokens can be used to conduct transactions on the Gameflip marketplace. In the coming months, the partners of the pilot program and publishers will begin to integrate with the Gameflip SDK, which will allow transactions with approved gaming products via Blockchain.


Buddy is a developer app store created by developers. Their goal is to become the basis on which talented programmers will be able to create blockchain technologies changing the world, as well as ofschechan applications and services. The main idea of ​​the project is to download millions of developers by removing everything that can be automated, and giving them time for creativity. Buddy is represented on Amazon, Google and Github cloud trading platforms, striking a solid list of buyers and partners.


ADBIT tokens will be a key function of CIINCH Media, the world's first platform for planning and buying media based on blockchain technology developed for traditional media (print, TV, radio and outdoor advertising). CIINCH and ADBIT were created to help automate many layers of manual processes that have become the scourge of this industry. Traditional media could not use innovations and adapt to the current state of affairs in our century. Highly fragmented and running on licensed software developed in the 1990s, ADBIT and CIINCH are designed to move all these processes into the present.


DACC is the world's first content-based blockchain that demonstrates identity and access control (IAM) at the infrastructure level. This will make a breakthrough in the digital content and media industry, as it offers the user complete control over the creation, access and storage of content. Key project team members came from such prestigious organizations as MIT and Harvard, the first partners include TRON, Consensus Capital, D Fund, Crypto Capital, Block VC, Kim's Capital, FBG Capital and Roark Fund.


The main goal of Goldilock is to change the way data is stored and secure across the entire Internet. Their innovations allow individual users and entire organizations to safely store digital media in storage, which is physically disconnected from the Internet until the user wants to connect it for their own needs. The basis of Goldilock Security is a patented, remotely activated security solution that is enabled by a command that is not transmitted over IP. This allows you to ensure reliable security of cryptocurrency keys and storage of important digital means.


Founded by Tzang Gian, the former head of FCoin, is a fully decentralized and transparent cryptocurrency exchange based in China. FCoin is unique because it is based on the mining and profit sharing mechanism, which allows you to return up to 80% to the community. Launched in May, FCoin recently acquired a significant media coverage for a massive growth trend of $ 17 million per day. FCoin officially entered the market and is going to compete with the world's leading cryptocurrency exchanges.

Cryptocurrencies become mainstream. But not only technological startups introduce technical innovations. Such companies as Softbank and IBM, VIP-brands such as SAP, BP, Samsung and titanium in the field of transportation Maersk also use decentralized sales accounting systems and new blockchain technologies.

At the moment, these 10 companies deserve attention, but only time will tell which of them will succeed in the end. Keep your eyes wide open!

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