Google refuses the legendary button “I'm Feeling Lucky”

    According to an unofficial blog, Google decided to abandon the romantic and legendary “I'm Feeling Lucky” button. The button itself will not be removed, but now when you hover over it, the text on the button will change to one of several options: “I'm Feeling Puzzled”, “I'm Feeling Artistic”, “I'm Feeling Playful”, “I ' m Feeling Hungry ”,“ I'm Feeling Wonderful ”,“ I'm Feeling Stellar ”,“ I'm Feeling Trendy ”,“ I'm Feeling Doodly ”. When you click on such a button, the user is sent to the section devoted to certain Google products, or to the issuance of one or another request. For example, “I'm Feeling Hungry” sends out a search for restaurants.

    Google explains the rejection of the “I'm Feeling Lucky” button by the fact that with the advent of Instant Search, it has lost its meaning, now search results are displayed instantly as you type a search query.

    In 2007, Marissa Maer announced that she wouldn’t remove the Google button anyway. Without it, Google will become “too dry, too corporate, too focused on making money. And the button reminds that living people are behind all this. ” Marissa Maer left Google on Yahoo this July.

    At the moment, the innovation is already working for some users, and for some the “I'm Lucky" button leads to the doodle page.

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