More cores, good and different! Meet the new Xeon Phi

    For more than two years, the new Intel Xeon Phi multi-core coprocessors have not been introduced to the market. One would think that the company has lost interest in them, but this is not so, the proof of which is the just announced new 7200 line (codenamed Knights Landing). There are 4 models in the lineup: 7290, 7250, 7230 and 7210. Compared to the previous generation, the number of cores has increased, now there are 64 to 72 of them (up to 288 hyper-threads). The manufacturing process decreased to 14 nm. The operating frequency has grown a little, while the energy consumption of 215-245 watts has fallen by almost 20%. L2 cache increased to 32-36 MB.

    The new Xeon Phi received support for DDR4-2400 memory (except for the younger model, DDR4-2133 is used there), the maximum memory capacity is 384 GB, the memory bus speed is 115/102 GB / s, and the internal memory size is 16 GB. The coprocessors can use the AVX-512 advanced instruction set, and a number of modern processor functions are also available, such as AES-NI to increase encryption performance, Execute Disable Bit, and others. But hardware support for virtualization, unfortunately, has not yet. The host connection bus is PCI Express 3.0 x16.

    New coprocessors will appear on sale during this year, their cost - from $ 2500 for a younger model to $ 6200 for a top one. Below you will find a summary plate of the main features of Xeon Phi, for a detailed comparison table, see Intel ARK .

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