I user!

    I suggest you play one game. Let's spit on the wick of your IQ for a moment and plunge into the darkness of imagination. Watch it harder! Imagine that there was some kind of a break in time and you were thrown back decades ago. You have a pretty knowledge base in your head: frameworks, libraries, ... You’re no longer doggy, but a programmer, developer, DEVELOPER, the top of the pyramid of civilization! They are ready to pay untold treasures for your knowledge! And all the rulers of the world! You are a real phenomenon, demigod, the path to true enlightenment! And so everyone has gathered and are waiting for revelations from you, they are ready to listen to knowledge, learn and so on. Thousands of eyes are looking at you. The whole world froze around in anticipation of a miracle, in anticipation of the light. Now attention!

    ".NET Framework 3.5 not installed"? You yourself do not really know anything. And the only proof of the future is the words "Boost, .NET Framework, Zend Framework, Qt, ...". You have nothing to tell the crowd, any of your words without proof of implementation will sound like a bunch. And in front of you, at best, is the gallows.

    So, my dear know-it-alls , without the usual system of servicing frameworks and libraries, about the device of which you don’t know anything, any of you are an advanced userhelpless biped fart. No, well, of course, create a cool message box, design a GUI in 5 minutes, call a function to sort the array, make a plug-in - these are undoubtedly brilliant, necessary and very useful skills ... that WILL NOT HELP to be saved from the gallows!

    No, let's think globally. How many knows how the Knuth-Morris-Prat algorithm differs from the Boyer-Moore algorithm? Can you implement boost libraries? And how to write a platform-independent GUI library, imagine? What could you give to people of the past? Well, turn on the brain, my dear parasites users! After all, for example, to sort an array, you only need an orange or a potato; knowledge of classical algorithms ... Do you know about this?

    The post was inspired by this post. I especially liked:
    Built on the theory of mass service and the standard GSM mobile network; PHP scripts that run on remote servers and transmit their output via Ethernet over TCP / IP to computers with NDIS drivers; processors reordering and speculatively executing instruction sets in order to compensate for the stop of clock speed growth caused by the limitations of semiconductor electronics and the speed of light; computer-based hulls of aircraft and automobiles, drugs and DNA structures; computer games, for the sake of a tiny flare in which they write megabytes of articles filled with Fresnel integrals; electronic films and books; NLP and TreeNet algorithms that cause us to return search results from huge databases - this is what surrounds us every day thanks to programmers, thanks to original approaches and fundamental knowledge,

    If anyone guessed: (C) Mr Freeman .

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