Greetings from 1996: Personal computer for 5 million rubles.

    Hi, Habr.

    Randomly sorting out all kinds of junk, I found an account and an invoice for my first personal computer. Not ZX Spectrum, namely PC.

    The hardware for 1996 was good: a 486-DX2-66 processor, 4 Mb SIMM-memory, 544 Mb disk, 512 Kb video memory. In addition to ISA slots, the motherboard also had PCI on board and it was just a breakthrough, and with the use of the Turbo button on the case, it was just a spaceship. A 14 "monitor with a resolution of 1024x768 (the same seems to be the case with the iPad 2), a floppy and a creaking Epson LQ-100 printer were purchased as a set.
    Total cost: 5,314,800 rubles.

    image image

    On top of the hard drive, besides Windows 95 and DOS, many toys fit comfortably, which at that time were extremely difficult to get: Heroes of Might and Magic (yes, the first part), Mortal Kombat (also the first part), Doom and the game beloved by many Goblins About all sorts of Prince of Persia, Arkanoid and Tetris, Field of Miracles I am silent because this is already a classic of the genre, they roamed freely around friends.

    image image image image image

    Memories of buying games: the end of 1996, Kay on Marat (near metro Mayakovskaya) - in it I purchased my first computer games - Doom 2, Mortal Kombat. Games were recorded on 3.5 floppy disks, packed using the arj archiver, and divided into two or more volumes. Without appropriate literature, it was very difficult to understand what to do with it. Especially when you consider that English was at the infant level, and there was no knowledge about running programs other than “press Enter on the .exe file”. And the best part was that there was no one to ask. In general, the “poke” method, raping my brains and the English-Russian dictionary, everything worked out for me.

    And what was the first PC (or Mac) you had,% username%? What functions did he successfully fulfill, and which ones did not cope with?

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