Resurrection of ADOM

    Thomas Biskup launched a fundraising project (on IndieGoGo) to revive the original ADOM roguelike game.
    Financing for development: $ 48K


    • Stable release for Windows, Linux, MacOS, Amiga, NetBSD, FreeBSD (Android and iPad / iOS - for long-term goals)
    • Permanent bug fixing
    • Balancing in-game systems and detailing the world
    • Updated UI
    • Tile graphics
    • Audio Effects and Music
    • Rewritten user manual
    • New game content

    Despite the fact that now Thomas needs funds, the game will remain free and possibly (cross your fingers) open source.

    For some of us, this news is abruptly about the upcoming Baldur's Gate for iPad.

    PS Do you want your personal Thomas Biscap for the weekend and the source code of the original ADOM? Easy! Enough to make a donation of $ 50K!

    PPS Found his post from 2008 about ADOM . It’s ridiculous. Prophetically.

    UPD. Thomas did it! We are waiting for the new ADOM!


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