Video. Introduction to MonoTouch / Mono for Android

    Video of AndreyBaskov's performance from ADD-2012.

    MonoTouch and MonoDroid are frameworks that allow you to write applications for iPhone and Android in C #. After the advent of Windows Phone 7 in C #, you can write immediately under three platforms. At the same time, the interface remains native and the speed does not suffer.

    From the video you will learn:
    - about these frameworks in general;
    - that MonoTouch compiles projects into native code;
    - And in Mono for Android, the CLR runs in parallel with the Java VM.

    The technology is quite viable, over the year we created more than 6 projects on it, two of them visited the AppStore top, in total more than 200 thousand installations. If you write in C # and live in St. Petersburg, you can verify this personally :)

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