Canon Launches Its Augmented Reality System

    Canon announces the imminent launch of an augmented reality system called Mixed Reality. The presented system should unite the real and virtual worlds and help reduce the time required for product development.

    It is easy to guess that the system consists of two cameras for recording the external situation in 3D mode and transferring data to a computer, and two small monitors. Also, the system is supplemented by prisms of a special form, the presence of which helps to combine a real image from the outside, and a virtual image displayed on the displays. Thanks to the three-way configuration of the system, it is possible to achieve high-quality images with a low level of distortion in the peripheral regions caused by optical aberrations. The design can be seen in the figure:
    The only minus of this technology is that it works when special markers are applied to real-world objects that are processed on the system software, thanks to which the system can process user movements in real time.
    The company reports that their system provides the ability to view full-scale three-dimensional computer images. At the design stage, the system can help reduce the number of prototypes required, and, in addition to reducing the time spent on development, can help minimize costs and environmental impacts (possibly meaning large-scale construction projects).
    It is supposed to use this system when modeling the production environment, this will allow users to go through the factory and see the models of equipment that they have to place with their own eyes. The system also supports sales activities by simulating products for customers, allowing them to manage and view products from different angles. Other possible applications may include an assessment of the interior layout of home repairs. Canon plans to expand applications for the new system in various areas, such as surgical operations, the entertainment industry, etc.
    Prices will vary depending on the configuration of the system in accordance with the requirements of use. The new system will be available at the end of July this year.

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