We move everything in the test assembly Vivaldi 1.16.1230.3



    Today we are releasing another test build with a new and long-requested feature - the ability to change the size of tabs placed in one browser window. We also added a few new shortcut keys for managing tabs and, by tradition, fixed a few annoying regressions. Now - about everything in more detail.

    Variable width of the placed tabs

    One of the unique features of the Vivaldi browser is the ability to place tabs next to each other in one working browser window. The function, in fact, is called “Tab Layout”. This function allows you to simultaneously view content from several pages, which is especially convenient when working with online stores or sources of important information for, for example, coursework.

    And, as usual, after the implementation of this function, users began to overwhelm us with requests to make these tabs available for resizing, which is generally logical: sometimes you need to make one page more than another for usability. In general, today we are ready to present such an improvement to a convenient function. Try it yourself - you will like it. And a small bonus: after the restart of the browser, the width of the placed tabs will be saved.

    Shortcut Keys for Moving Tabs

    In fact, the ability to move tabs using shortcut keys was added much earlier, but few people paid attention to it, and some simply did not know. Therefore, we decided to add default keyboard shortcuts for these actions ("Ctrl + ⇧ Shift + PgUp / PgDn" for Windows and Linux, as well as "⌘ + ⇧ Shift + / ↓" for macOS). Of course, if you wish, you can reassign these combinations to the ones that are more convenient for you in the browser settings, or simply disable them if you are not interested in this feature.

    That's all for now. Links to download and list of changes - below.

    Windows 32-bit for Win7 + (recommended)
    Windows 64-bit for Win7 +
    Mac 10.9+
    Linux RPM 64-bit (recommended)
    Linux RPM 32-bit
    Linux DEB 64-bit(recommended)
    Linux DEB 32-bit
    ARM 32-bit (test build)

    Full changelog:

    • [New feature] Variable width of placed tabs (VB-5064)
    • [New feature] Add shortcut keys to move the tab left-right: Windows / Linux = “Ctrl + Shift + PgUp / PgDn”; macOS = “⌘ + ⇧ Shift + ↑ / ↓” (VB-41415)
    • [Regression] [Quick Commands] URL displayed after pressing the right arrow key (VB-41351)
    • [Regression] Crash when closing a private window (VB-39613)
    • [Regression] Refreshing page when moving a tab one above the other (VB-41548)
    • [Regression] Unable to exit screen capture mode with the Esc key (VB-41338)
    • [Regression] Page drop when scroll bar disappears (VB-41185)
    • [Regression] Do not track title is not sent when you first download a new tab (VB-41485)
    • [Regression] Problem with displaying pop-up extensions dialogs in a private window (VB-41362)
    • [Mac] [Media] Use Mono AAC as a Stereo to work (VB-41624)

    We remind you that the weekly assemblies are test, so do not forget to make backup copies of important data. You can report any errors found at the same address .

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