A series of base leaks continues, this time Riot Games

    The newly-minted gaming giant Riot Games has been hacked. According to one representative, Tryndamere, their company, using the help of independent information security experts, was able to assess the damage. Hackers gained access to personal information of users stored on European databases. The most important leaked information should include the addresses of users' electronic mailboxes, their encrypted passwords, logins, dates of birth, and for a small number of users - names, surnames and encrypted secret questions with answers. Payment and billing data were not affected.

    The representative assured the gaming community that the security hole had been filled. Investigation of this problem continues. The company also hired specialists to better understand the reasons, the culprits, as well as for prevention in order to avoid repeated situations. Riot Games is going to continue to invest in security measures, including password hashing, data encryption, modern firewalls, SSL, information security ninjas and the like.

    Riot Games also gave some calculations on the analysis of lost information:
    • more than half of the passwords are simple enough and can be easily decrypted
    • 11 passwords are found more than 10,000 times each (I would like to recall that the number of all users of the Riot Games product as of November 2011 reached 32.5 million)
    • a two-digit percentage of users have a password that occurs at least one more person

    Official Riot Games attack statement

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