3 cool board sci-fi games in English

    Constantly keeping abreast of modern science and technology is not easy, it is very important to rest. Board games allow you to escape from the hectic reality, but still remain in contact with your favorite subject. Fortunately, now there are plenty to choose from - game designers from all over the world are constantly working on new products. It is true that noteworthy nastolki are produced and distributed mainly and primarily in English.

    Of course, if the gameplay is good, then even the most mediocre localization will not spoil the impression of the player. But many connoisseurs of board games still believe that translation harms original creations. That is why (and also because it is an excellent language practice) it makes sense to acquire at least one desktop in English. Especially - if it is about space.

    We have compiled a list of 3 cool science fiction board games that will not only decorate any geek party, but also refresh your knowledge of English.


    1. Twilight Imperium

    Despite the fact that for the first time the game was released back in the 90s, and science has since stepped far forward, Twilight Imperium is still relevant. The third edition is considered classic, although the new fourth, published in 2017, is not inferior in quality.

    In short: this is a global, if not epic, space strategy for real geeks. The party lasts more than 6 hours and requires players not only assiduity, but also thoughtfulness. In the process of conquering the galaxy, we will have to fight, accumulate resources, move scientific and technological progress, develop the economy, and even go into politics, entering into alliances and putting forward bills — diplomacy at Twilight Imperium is of paramount importance.

    Each game is absolutely unique: before the start of the game, the players take turns placing randomly “hexes” in one order or another, each time creating a unique map. In addition, the player can choose any of the proposed races - this will affect his starting positions in different areas: in war, in science, in trade, and so on.


    2. Terraforming Mars

    The appearances of this game have been waiting for a very long time, and the wildest hopes were justified. Released in 2017, Terraforming Mars immediately jumped into the ratings of many adorable classic nastolki and won the love of players around the world. What is so special about her?

    Each player, and they can be from one to five, is a corporation that participates in the exploration of Mars. To make a new planet livable, you need to change the temperature level, the amount of oxygen and the amount of water reserves, and then build cities and provide potential residents with access to the benefits of civilization. The players are to do all this as if together, but at the same time competing with each other. This is a unique feature of the board game: it teaches to maintain a balance between competition and cooperation for the sake of one great goal. Well, a separate praise is worthy of the realistic setting: the game describes these technical achievements, ideas, projects and plans that need to be implemented to create a new Earth from Mars. So you can do in miniature the entire path that humankind has to go in the coming centuries.

    As the game progresses, the players themselves determine the vector of their research, invest in the development of the planet and choose ways to circumvent the opponents. Someone eventually burns through, but someone's strategy benefits the ecology of Mars and the income of the company. As a rule, the party ends in a couple of hours. And when it becomes safe to walk on the surface of the Red Planet without spacesuits, players count the points and determine the winner. In general, a great chance to feel Ilon Mask.


    3. Eclipse

    Everything is very simple here: the world is on the verge of a war of interstellar superpowers. The player chooses which civilization he wants to lead, and converges with representatives of other life forms in a fight that will decide the fate of the galaxy.

    Depending on the number of participants and the speed of their reactions, the party lasts from an hour to three and a half hours. During this time, players in the amount of from two to six people surf the cosmos, colonize the planets, design spaceships and stations, explore new technologies and, of course, fight. But, unlike many other strategies, there are several ways to win in Eclipse, which means that each player can decide for himself whether he wants to engage in long-term planning and detailed calculations or “quickly” solve all issues by force (if, of course, lucky).

    In fact, Eclipse is the most balanced of space strategies: it is quite detailed and saturated with atmospheric details, but not overloaded, and it does not take too much time to pass.


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