What should we build?


    In the process, I analyzed the log, which was a print_r array (a very large array).
    Twist the roller, fingers are tired. I decided to use the “accelerated” scrolling ... and ...


    Since the array was multidimensional and its second level had a static number of elements, I saw a “movie”.
    These were flickering array values ​​that stacked into frames. Small operations to adjust the scroll speed, and the frames are fixed.

    FilmArrayStudio + FilmArrayFX

    To create each element of the array manually is evil, so I decided, and set about writing a class that would do it for me.
    No sooner said than done. the first 4 hours gave the foundation, the next 2 days brought to the state - “it’s not a shame to show people”

    And what actually is to show:
    Project on GitHub
    github.com/AlexMcArrow/FilmArray - page of the “project”

    “About the project”
    tetragon.narod.ru /about.fa - project of the film
    tetragon.narod.ru/about.html - "editing film"
    tetragon.narod.ru/about.b.html - the finished film
    "Birth of a Bit"
    tetragon.narod.ru/bitborn.fa - project of the
    tetragon.narod.ru/bitborn.html movie - “The Birth of a Bit” (assembly film)
    tetragon.narod.ru/bitborn.b.html - “Beat's Birth” finished film

    In order to “watch a movie”, it is necessary to use “accelerated” scrolling, and adjusting the scrolling speed, to achieve frame immobility.

    What we can

    Currently implemented the following methods:

    • FilmArrayStudio::NewFilm ('About FilmArray', 'AlexMcArrow');
      Creating a new project (movie title, author)
    • FilmArrayStudio::MakeMovie (24);
      Create a storyboard (frames per unit of time)
    • FilmArrayStudio::SaveProject ('about');
      Saving a project (json file name)
    • FilmArrayStudio::SaveMovie ('about');
      Creating an “assembly film” (html file name)
    • FilmArrayStudio::SaveMovieBorder ('about');
      Create movie (html file name)


    • FilmArrayFX::NullScreen (5);
      Create a blank frame
    • FilmArrayFX::CountDown (9, 1, TRUE);
      Creating a “countdown” (start digit, number of frames per digit, frame with “Picture Start”)
    • FilmArrayFX::Title ('About "FilmArray"');
      Saving the "title" (centered text, background symbols, number of frames)
    • FilmArrayFX::Titles (array ('Alex McArrow', '2012', ' ', ' ', 'FilmArrayStudio + FilmArrayFX'), 6, FilmArrayFX::FAFX_align_center);
      Creation of “titles” (array of lines, number of frames, centering / pressing to the right / pressing to the left)

    Please do not rate code, style, architecture, etc. - JustForFun !!!

    The problem of speed selection is directly related to the expansion and size of the screen. Change the size of the displayed part - CTRL +
    UPD2 movie :
    Valiant users of * nix-like systems will have to use crutches for scrolling:
    Chrome - chrome.google.com/webstore/search/autoscroll
    FireFox - addons.mozilla.org/en/firefox/search /? q = autoscroll
    Added links to the film “Beat Birth” - this is the first film shot using this technology !!! (rarity). And added project files for films (Creative Commons)

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