For the rest of us

    Hello dear habrazhitel,
    In this short post I would like to tell you about a resource that I have been watching with great pleasure for more than a year. This is a series of podcasts about startups with a straightforward title: - which translates into Russian as “startups for those who are not yet particularly relevant .” However, since simple American guys Rob and Mike lead podcasts; the ability to translate English words on their own will also not be superfluous. And even if you are not very good at hearing English, they upload the full contents of the podcast in print form on the site.

    I like that comrades discuss the real problems they are facing and give specific advice on organizing their own business, and it’s generally interesting to listen to stories about how this happens with other startups. In general, an excellent placeholder for time, while traveling by land or any other mode of transport.

    If habrachitatelites have other resources of a similar nature, I think we will all be happy to get a beautiful link in the right direction in the comments.
    Thanks for attention

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