Facebook will warn Germans about using user data

    In Germany, a lawsuit that has lasted since 2010 has come to its logical conclusion. The process was launched by an organization that advocates for consumer rights. The name of this German organization is VZBV, Verbrauchercentrale Bundesver. As already mentioned, this organization sued the social network Facebook in 2010. The only claim to the social network is the illegal use of user data from your resource. The lawsuit was filed in a German district court.

    The Germans were unhappy that the social network uses and analyzes user data (in particular, through the Friend Finder service). German human rights defenders were unsatisfied with the fact that the search mechanism for "friends" works immediately with all user data, and not with any specific characteristics. Sometimes a social network also uses the method of attracting new users, which is based on the same Friend Finder service.

    One of the Facebook users is looking for an unregistered user according to certain parameters, and Facebook then sends out registration invitations to the very desired citizens. Thus, German (probably not only, but the trial began in Germany) laws to protect private information are violated. The ruling of the German district court indicates the need to inform users that all their information will be used in the interests of Facebook. Thus, now the developers of the social network will have to develop mechanisms for warning users from Germany, who will now receive complete information about how and where their data will be used.

    The company claims that no one will challenge the court decision, but the implementation of this decision will take a lot of time, so that it will not work out in practice instantly.


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