Webkit engine supports new units of measure - vh, vw and vmin

    These units allow you to set the size of objects relative to the browser window. Size is calculated as a percentage of the height (vh), width (vw), or the minimum of the two values ​​(vmin). Unlike specifying percent sizes, vh, vw, and vmin are always tied to the size of the window, not the container of the current block. So far, only Internet Explorer 9+ has supported them (however, IE uses the notation “vm” instead of the vmin unit specified in the standard).

    So, this example:

    Now works only in IE9 +. The inclusion of the vh and vw units in Webkit means that they will be available soon in Safari and Chrome. And there, you look, Mozilla with the Opera will be tightened, and the layout service will become even a little easier.

    PS: Some more details on vh and vw.

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