The stop list of zones.RF and .RU is published

    Today on the website of the registry operator RU / SU / RF CJSC Technical Center Internet there was news about the change of the stop list.
    However, it would not be anything interesting if the list itself were not attached to the news, except for the changes themselves .

    Although, the statement about the interestingness and value of this list of ~ 4000 is not the most pleasant for the eye and ear of domain names and is doubtful, but there is one detail (because of it the topic is written).

    All but 3 domain names were included in this list due to the presence of profanity and obscene expressions in the Dictionary, two (cyclrf.rf, central election commission.rf) were blocked for registration after canceling registration, one (the only one from the entire list in the RU zone) , on "... based on the rules of 11/11/11."

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