Officially presented Xeon E5 processors and servers on them from major manufacturers

    On March 6, 2012, Intel officially introduced the Xeon E5-2600 and E5-1600 processors, replacing the Xeon 5600. The number of cores is increased to 8 in the new models and the amount of supported RAM is 384 GB per processor using LRDIMMs. The main difference between the E5-1600 and the E5-2600 is the lack of support for multi-processor configurations in the younger series.

    The new Sandy Bridge-EP architecture lineup includes 29 models from 2 to 8 cores, frequencies from 1.8 to 3.6 GHz and TDP from 60 to 150 W:
    E5-269082.9 GHz20M135W$ 2 057
    E5-2687W83.1 GHz20M150W$ 1 885
    E5-268082.7 GHz20M130W$ 1 723
    E5-267082.6 GHz20M115W$ 1,552
    E5-266762.9 GHz15M130W$ 1,552
    E5-266582.4 GHz20M115W$ 1,440
    E5-266082.2 GHz20M95W$ 1 329
    E5-2650L81.8 GHz20M70W$ 1 107
    E5-265082.0 GHz20M95W$ 1 107
    E5-264343.3 GHz10M130W$ 885
    E5-264062.5 GHz15M95W$ 885
    E5-263723.0 GHz5M80W$ 885
    E5-2630L62.0 GHz15M60W$ 662
    E5-263062.3 GHz15M95W$ 612
    E5-262062.0 GHz15M95W$ 406
    E5-260942.4 GHz10M80W$ 294
    E5-260341.8 GHz10M80W$ 198
    E5-166063.3 GHz15M130W$ 1,080
    E5-165063.2 GHz12M130W$ 583
    E5-162043.6 GHz10M130W$ 294

    Detailed specifications are available on the Intel website:

    Following Intel, the largest server manufacturers officially introduced the new line of processors based on Xeon E5.

    Dell :
    HP : /proliantgen8/learnMore-en.aspx
    IBM :

    In the new lines there are many innovations about which the vendors themselves will write in more detail, from the general I would like to note a course on energy efficiency (especially considering the consumption of E5), four gigabit network adapters in the database with the ability to install 10 GbE adapters, support for up to 768 GB of RAM and available SSDs - drives as a replacement for conventional hard drives.

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