New features of the program Guard Mail.Ru

    Yes, about the "aggressive" policy of distributing their software by Group and about Guard Mail.Ru in particular, they wrote more than once on Habré (for those who missed everything - link1 , link2 ), but I consider it necessary to give a detailed analysis new features of the program the most widely publicized.

    So, now the desktop ecosystem can
    • Without warning, remove from the system the products of Rambler, QIP, get-styles and the Yandex panel for Opera.
    • Redirect any requests to Firefox to
    • Offer to install browser while using other browsers.
    • And of course, the protection of search settings has become even more reliable!

    Installing is easy. To do this, just uncheck the boxes when installing Agent, ICQ, Satellite and other programs.

    Details, screenshots, details of the investigation -

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