Video of the seminar “Information Technologies as Tools for Profitable Company Growth”

    TI Systems at the Microsoft Technology Center successfully held the next seminar “Information Technologies as Tools for Profitable Company Growth”, which was attended by CEOs, as well as leading specialists and heads of IT departments. The seminar was dedicated to organizing joint work and building effective external and internal communications in the company. TI Systems specialists paid special attention to the Unified Communications solution based on Microsoft Lync 2010, which is truly a “means of profitable growth”.


    TI Systems specialists noted that today organizations have become more geographically distributed, while information, in conditions of high competition, has become the most important component of the business. Employees need tools that allow them to work productively from virtually anywhere. Communication is a key component of employee productivity. In addition, success also depends on the degree of mobility and flexibility, and the ability of management to quickly manage the company.
    All this is possible thanks to Microsoft Lync and Microsoft Exchange. During the event, TI Systems specialists showed both of these products in action. Of particular interest to the participants was a videoconference organized using Microsoft Lync. All noted the convenience and ease of use of this product.
    In addition, as the seminar facilitators rightly noted, solutions should be developed taking into account the specifics of the organization’s activities and solely in order to increase its productivity. Modern business rejects the idea of ​​implementing “boxed” solutions in favor of products that solve the specific tasks of a particular organization. As an example, the seminar presented several systems developed by the TI Systems based on the SharePoint portal, which significantly save the time and money of the company by automating routine and multi-stage actions. Among the solutions were shown in action "Project Management", "Document Management", "Application Accounting", as well as solutions for HR. It is worth noting that TI Systems first introduced and successfully tested all the products and solutions presented at the seminar, and only after that introduced the guests to the seminar. This feature is one of the competitive advantages of the company.
    The guests of the seminar received, according to them, really useful information and found answers to their questions. Special thanks to the TI Systems specialists for the bonuses given to the guests).

    The seminar can be viewed here:
    Seminar "IT, as a tool for profitable company growth" - Microsoft Lync

    Seminar “IT as a tool for profitable company growth” - SharePoint

    Seminar “IT as a tool for profitable growth of a company” - solutions based on SharePoint

    Seminar “IT as an Instrument for Profitable Company Growth” - Exchange, Active Directory

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