Runet Today, February 20, 2012. Experts of the issue: Sergey Kuznetsov, Anton Agranovsky

    At Finam FM studio - Sergey Kuznetsov, founder and CEO of SKCG, and Anton Agranovsky, founder and CEO of Destiny Development. Together with the host, Maxim Spiridonov, they talk about Finam Holding’s investments in one of the Western messengers, that Apple and Twitter have confessed to unauthorized copying of personal data of users, about the purchase of the Sapato online store by the Ozon online megastore, about the launch of an unusual news service from Microsoft, as well as about a new portal created by a group of initiative citizens to hold a rally in protest against election fraud.

    1. Finam Holding acquired a stake in the German company Shape Services, which owns the IM + instant messaging program.The deal amounted to ten million dollars. The size of the block of shares purchased during it is not called. Under the terms of the agreement, Finam and Shape Services will create a joint company FinamShape and present a Russian version of this system.

    - Due to what IM + could take a place among the popular Runet messengers?
    - “Finam” is preparing to enter the international Internet market?
    - Anton Agranovsky: “It is designed for mobile devices that are seriously gaining popularity, including in Russia. Large audience - 17 million worldwide. Finam’s money and ability to work in the investment market will do something good for them. ”
    - Sergey Kuznetsov: “This is important as an application. Finam says: “Like Group, we want to enter the international market for investing in Internet projects.” “As far as IM + can be promoted in Russia, I have big doubts.”

    2. Apple and Twitter have been caught copying personal information of users without their permission. Representatives of the microblogging service said in an interview with the Los Angeles Times that Twitter’s mobile apps read the entire address book of the gadget’s owner, including phone numbers and email addresses. A little later, Apple confessed to similar actions. According to corporation spokesman Tom Neumair, user contacts are copied and stored on remote servers by dozens of iOS mobile operating system applications.

    - How knowledgeable are Apple and Twitter about their users?
    - Is there an optimal model for gaining access to personal data both for Internet services and for an audience?
    - Sergey Kuznetsov: “Android applications regularly report a long list of what they will ask you for permission on the phone. But I personally, and most of the listeners with Android phones probably do not read it and click OK. ”
    - Anton Agranovsky: “The problem here is the legal field - access to your personal data without your consent. On the other hand, the installation of the application can be considered a fact of consent. ”

    3. Ozon online megastore bought online shoe store.As stated in a press release on the Ozon website, “access to the online market for fashionable goods will allow us to offer our customers a wider range of products and will attract a new audience.” The amount of the transaction was not disclosed.

    —Why did invest in, and for what amount did it buy it?
    - Comment by CEO Mael Gave.
    - Anton Agranovsky: “I don’t know how Sapato is more promising than a la KupiVIP services, where there is the same thing, but with discounts. I don’t fully understand for myself why so much money was given and why they predict an almost six-fold increase for 2012. ”
    - Sergey Kuznetsov: “Ozon is moving and, in fact, has already come to be the main online megastore [Runet]. He buys and, apparently, will continue to buy large online stores in order to establish himself in this position. ”

    4. Microsoft has launched a news service, which is based on the analysis of search queries and messages on social networks. Currently, at times of peak activity, the MSN Now portal simultaneously tracks over 200 million search queries and more than 13 million social media content updates, including Facebook and Twitter. On the basis of the most popular requests, as well as the most discussed events, the editors of the site write news texts and take comments from experts.

    - MSN Now: Web 3.0 or the well-forgotten old?
    - Does Microsoft have growth points in the direction of online business?
    - Sergey Kuznetsov: “I do not really believe in this model performed by Microsoft. In order for the genre of news that experts comment on to attract my attention as a user, it would be nice for me to perceive this company as a media company, where journalists, whom I respect, work. ”
    - Anton Agranovsky: “This is not a new technology. Yandex has long been at the disposal of this and gives bloggers opinions on their home page. ”

    5. The site "Big White Circle" has earned.It is dedicated to the rally in support of fair elections, which will be held in Moscow on February 26. On this day, participants in the event plan to stand in a living chain along the inner side of the Garden Ring. On the site anyone can indicate exactly what place on the perimeter of the circle he is going to take. The resource is integrated with all social networks popular in Russia.

    - What is the secret of an effective site for organizing civic activists?
    - How successful is technically?
    - Anton Agranovsky: “In the Russian Internet business, it is very important to be apolitical.”
    - Sergey Kuznetsov: “The site is realizing the old idea that you don’t have to do anything of your own, but you need to take existing tools and put them together.”

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