Some news on Stanford University courses for 2012

    Many in the hub heard about Stanford University courses for 2012. 2011 courses showed very good quality material and a high level of teaching. The courses for 2012 looked even more interesting and exciting. The classes were supposed to start in January-February 2012, but the courses did not start in January (which is no longer news) and closer to the middle of February a few more news appeared, I ask everyone interested under cat.

    I'll start with the bad news. Unfortunately for unknown reasons (at least I didn’t find any mention of why), but instead of the 16 planned courses there will most likely be only 14. “Most likely”, because the information comes in a bit contradictory. The “Technology Entrepreneurship” and “Lean Launchpad” courses were removed from the initial list of 16 courses, unfortunately these courses attracted the most interested students (more than 67K people). The inconsistency is that it is quite possible that the Lean Launchpad course will still come out, but with a “small” delay of 60 days. As the course lecturer Steve Blank explained, while developing lectures for the current course, he suddenly realized that some materials are morally outdated, and he wants to bring as many modern developments into the lectures as possible, therefore there is a delay (foundhere ). I really hope that something similar happened with the Technology Entrepreneurship and that both courses will nevertheless begin with a delay of a couple of months. At the moment, both courses are not listed; sites dedicated to courses do not work. The site of the Technology Entrepreneurship course has been completely stopped, the site of the Lean Launchpad course is redirecting to Steve's site.

    Now a little about the good, at least 2 courses are promised to begin on February 20. These are Model Thinking and Software Engineering for SaaS. Corresponding notification letters came from both courses. Both courses offer some background material.

    2 first lectures are available for Model Thinking, which are available here.. Unfortunately, some lectures have minor bugs, so be careful. Small tests are built into the lecture, and sometimes after sending data and clicking on the “Continue” button, instead of continuing the lecture, the transition to the next lecture takes place. Perhaps this will be fixed when the courses begin.

    An alpha version of the course book has been provided for Software Engineering for SaaS; you can also download a Virtual Box image with preinstalled software that will be used in the course. Read the materials or download the software here. Unfortunately, the book is paid, despite the alpha version. The print version costs $ 19.99 on Amazon, the kindle version costs $ 9.99. Versions for Nook and iBooks also promise, but still the presence of paid materials is somehow not happy. There is an opportunity to get acquainted with the first chapter for free when buying a Kindle version.

    Some details about the courses as a whole have appeared. Initially, it was reported that the courses were conducted by Stanford University and perhaps it was in 2011, but as Class Central reports, the current courses are based on the Coursera platform, and Coursera is a startup created by Professor Daphne Koller (lecturer of the DB class course) and Professor Andrew Ng (lecturer of the Machine Learning class course), at the moment they have several vacancies for developers on the site. Thus, it turns out that the courses are officially conducted not by Stanford University, but by a separate company that can hire lecturers from anywhere (at the moment most of the lecturers are from Stanford and several from Berkeley). Correct me if I'm wrong.

    Here's the news, thanks for watching.

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