JobGalaxy: the fastest job search in Runet

    JobGalaxy is a new HR service that our company launched two months ago. This is the first free tool for job seekers and staff recruitment, both for applicants and employers. Moreover, the search model is fundamentally different from what the Runet users are used to. Over two months, about 2 thousand people registered on the site, so it seems that many are waiting for changes in this area.

    Find 7 differences
    1. Firstly, and, I think, mainly, JobGalaxy really does not need to pay for using the basic functionality of the site. Only a few additional options will be paid, the introduction of which we will talk about on the pages of the JG blog.
    2. There is no resume on JobGalaxy. There are only profiles of applicants in which they indicate the necessary minimum information about themselves - the region, previous work experience, professional skills and education.
    3. There are no “dead resumes" on JobGalaxy. There are only those job seekers who are looking for work right now and weekly confirm their active status - with one free click on the corresponding button.
    4. There are no vacancies at JobGalaxy.
    5. There is no company search on JobGalaxy - only among job seekers.
    6. Employers are looking for employees according to only three specific criteria - professional skills, previous work experience, and region.
    7. Direct contacts of applicants are available and open to employers. The time between receiving search results and calling a specific candidate found is reduced to a minimum.

    “I want to work in a startup!”
    As a nice bonus a couple of days before the new year, we introduced a new feature - especially for startups. Now JG job seekers can check the box “I want to work in a startup project!”, And employers can limit their search and search only among such volunteers.

    All in all, welcome to JobGalaxy!

    In a pleasant and languid expectation of comments,
    the DigitalBridge team

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