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On Habré there are a lot of articles devoted to startups, investors, artificial and natural motivators and other things, never IT IT semantic marketing. Their goal is one - "to achieve success." For success and the process of achieving it is one of the main components of happiness. And we all want it.

It is worth noting that the article is 100% subjective, does not pretend to be true in any instance, tries not to teach or instruct. The minimum that I am counting on is to share my opinion, to show what happens. Maybe someone will share my position, someone will think about it, someone will pass by, while Habr gives the rest a great opportunity to minus.

Such is life, information is available - our right to decide whether to receive it; if so, how; and if received, then what to do with it. As a matter of fact, this feature will be discussed.

Friends, fellow readers, I will ask for another minute of attention, briefly about myself. I am NOT - a teacher, coach, trainer, mentor, philosopher, psychologist / psychologist / theater / otherapist, oh yes, a master of the epistolary genre and the Russian language, unfortunately, too. Who I really am is not important. Because whatever I say, each of you will come up with a decision on his own. I can only outline the sector in which it is worth watching and I did it, listen. In general, if now you have a lot of skepticism between your eyebrows, then it’s better to immediately go to the “minus”, so as not to waste time - this is a real value - it should not be spent on what you think is not worthy. If at the moment you have an interest, then until some point you will be with me, because interest has already flared up and you will inflate it yourself. My task is to try not to spoil everything.

Okay, enough of the wisdom of building fantasies about the world around us - this is not the topic of this article.

About the word

Today it’s fashionable to go to courses, seminars, and trainings on how to become better / more successful / happier, to communicate with more pumped people with the goal of “he knows so much / knows how, he has seen, he has something to learn,” watch, read, listen to motivators (articles, programs and recordings on TV, podcasts like “take it and do it” etc.). What do you think - why?

  • At the beginning of any training, it is customary to set goals such as “become smarter”, “learn how to go through the gatekeeper”, “live better”, “stop suffering wife’s beatings”, and at the end of the training it’s fashionable to say “yes, I really got what I wanted, more to me this piece of paper is not needed. ” But in fact, by the time when the achievement of the goal can be really checked - in a month, in 3 or in half a year - you don’t even remember a piece of paper, you don’t remember the name of the coach and of course your life will not change dramatically. Yes, what’s fundamentally there will not change at all.
  • You return home: “Honey, today I met an amazing person, he has several companies, he is actively investing in IT, I think we will make friends with him” yes, there are such people - this influence is simply explained - “charisma”. And being under her influence, it seems to you that you can become like that, you will learn from him, and you will become the same, NO even better. And if you remove the veil from the eyes? This charisma is 45 years old, and around it there were sooooo many people who wanted the same. But something people in the city did not live better. It’s worth thinking about. Are you better than them? And why then do you need him, he didn’t have it.
  • You listen to “Take it and do it” by Sharkov, read the story of the next startup? And every time, straight heart beats faster - but here they are opportunities, money around us! “This stupid girl cannot connect 3 words, but she has money, how much you can’t earn for half a life. And this one too. And I would do it much faster and better, I know that! ”Yes, I wouldn’t do it, you know, but don’t use it, or maybe you don’t know. And no videos, books and podcasts will take you to do it - they will not force you. This is utopia. Not all people from that test are done, far from all.

So is there power in the word? Of course there is. You need to go to courses, listen to podcasts, read success stories with only one goal - to get information HOW they did it. The motivator is the fact that they did it. Information - it is always useful. Success story will help expand the boundaries of thought, a smart person will show the result of what you can come up with, a coach, a trainer will help you catalog the thoughts that you have, but it’s difficult to put them on the shelves. And if what he says is a clean sheet for you, then either you are still young, inexperienced and you have everything ahead, or ... or it is regrettable.

Whose experience?

Experience can only be yours. How much you will not read, how many you will not hear, until you try, you will not understand. If you yourself have not reached the “truth” after hearing it (even very reliably and reasonably), you will not be able to use it, alas.

Is a startup a business?

Often I see "We are looking for investors", "There is an idea, we need money for implementation." Always funny. There is an idea - there is a head, there is a head - to earn is not a problem, especially in our country. In our country, as in any other, in order to do business you must have an appropriate character. And if you point to place a bet and go along the points of no return - business is not for you. Well, you are not that kind of person, put up with it, you are not ready to take risks, you do not believe in yourself and your strengths. This is normal - most of these people, and thank God, everything rests on them. Working for an uncle is a reliable road - it is shorter along it and it is without wolves and ghosts. Yes, she will not lead to the treasure chest and Angelina Jolie, but she will not lead to the cemetery either - think about it.
“An investor is a grabber, requires half for his money, he’s foolish. The idea is mine! ” I don’t understand investors who agree to 100% financing for less than 90% share. He takes all the risk on himself, hires you and your team to work. Everything, you are a mercenary. They go into business - to gain independence, let conditional, but nonetheless independence. Contacting the investor - you again go to work for an uncle. Think it over. If your idea is good, but implement it yourself - "bench press" - sell it. If she is really good, there is a buyer. Most likely he will buy you in addition to the idea in order to implement it. It will be calmer for you, this is your way.

What does happiness have to do with it?

I talked a lot about fashion, and started about happiness. What is the connection? Now it’s fashionable to be a businessman, a sratrappera startup, doing business, etc. But due to the fact that it is fashionable, everyone will not have this ability. 2% of the population has 50% of the world's wealth, and regardless of fashion, movies about facebook, Steve Jobs memoirs - this ratio will not change. Let's bliss on what pleases us, not the masses. We are not masses. Like any person is an individual, his happiness is subjective. Remember the pimple school - everyone liked the girls of the same model of "model appearance" (despite the fact that they were not surrounded). Now let's look at the red light district in the hero city of Amsterdam - big, small, thick, crooked, yellow, black, half men - yes any. A person with age understands what is fashionable - this is not what he needs. And if your soul lies with a one-legged, one-eyed gypsy prostitute - then even Jolie, with a ring on her finger and handcuffs on her hand and battery,(may Angelina forgive me for mentioning in the bitch)

Rummage through yourself, but what really inserts and carries you away, which makes you feel good and calm, which makes the smile on your face creep from your chin to your ears. And do it. It does not bring money - but now it’s tight without money. Well, go to courses, read articles - figure out how to monetize your pleasure - this is possible. And maybe you will become the next Jobs - but you will come to this along the only right and possible way - the way to enjoy yourself and your business. Or maybe you’ll understand that it’s not yours — and it’s better to cultivate bansai on weekends, and do what you say at work, because for many the lack of responsibility is the highest happiness (otherwise why should investors?))

Why all this?

I do not like the current trend for business development. Business - he will develop himself. No need to breed it in quantity, nothing will come of it. Look at the number of start-ups - it’s horrifying, and ideas are all sucked up so much from the finger that no demotivators are needed. Honestly, it’s frustrating when you go to a site where, for example, they suggest you grow a tree of your desires, and the art is so wonderful there, and the idea is actually not bad, it's funny. But it becomes sad that people did something talented, but did a shit that will not improve anyone’s life (including the creators!), Because after a year and a half, the tree will wither. They did it qualitatively, they killed time, and all because it’s fashionable to be fashionable as start-ups and businessmen.


Thoughts are not very structured, and can be chaotic. But I sincerely hope that at least one of them will keep at least one of you from a rash jump into the “trend”.

PS The post was somehow removed, at the request of the workers I am restoring it.

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