A preliminary review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 tablet or “Wow, my favorite size” ;-)

    Thanks to the grace of Samsung, a test sample of their new 7.7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet fell into my hands. The tablet is not yet available for sale (at least in Ukraine) and is planned for the first quarter of next year.
    This device looks very nice - of all the Samsung tablets, I liked it the most:
    (official photo, my photos below)

    And here it looks from the back:
    The back cover, as you can see, is metal.
    Honestly, the size seemed very convenient to me - it 1 in 1 resembles a regular book, while it is very thin and light. The dimensions of the device are 196.7 x 133 x 7.89 mm, weight - 335 grams. Here is an illustration of my words:
    In order to fully appreciate its size, compare it with the Galaxy Tab 8.9 and Apple Iphone:
    The internal filling is also very high-level Super AMOLED Plus screen which is very bright and high-quality:
    Resolution of 1280x800 pixels, at which it is quite comfortable to watch sites and videos.
    The processor in the device is Samsung Exynos, and despite the fact that the firmware was still test, there were no noticeable brakes at all.
    I got the device in a nice leather case, I’m not sure whether it will be in the standard delivery or not:
    Which is nice, there is both a SIM card slot (3zh included) and a MicroSD slot that was "forgotten" in older models. I got a device with 16 gigs of memory, models with 32 gigs are also available. RAM in the device 1 gig (DDR). In the quadrant I received about 2000 points, which is a lot.
    Android 3.2 is installed on the device with a touch visa shell, but it is possible that it will go on sale with Android 4.1. Of the interesting applications, Smart Remote From Peel, which allows you to control household appliances through the built-in infrared port. Cool - I was able to drown plasma in cafes and shopping centers.
    Here is the last one my desktop on this tablet:
    Total as a result:
    The tablet is very light, thin, pleasant in hands, fast and high-quality assembled. I am sure many will also appreciate it.
    The only negative - in the category close to it there are "subsidized" tablets Amazon and Barnes & Noble which will be much more attractive at a price. Although, not everyone wants to mess with third-party firmware, and without them they are "inferior"
    I will be glad to answer additional questions, a little more photos can be seen here . Also, while he is still in my arms, I can show how different applications will look on him.

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