Linux Raspberry Pi computer will be available for order in January

    New photos of beta version of Raspberry Pi computer published
    An ultra-compact Linux computer will soon be available on the official Raspberry Pi project website . Or buy through an auction on the site in December (this is for the most impatient) CAUTION - Traffic! Specifications are available on the wiki page . Initially, it was assumed that it would be possible to maintain the form factor of the USB drive, but in the end, the size of the prototype and the first commercial version of the device corresponds to the size of a plastic card.
    The expected price of the device is extremely attractive, many people expect the device to appear on the market. Let's see if the Raspberry Pi meets the expectations of potential customers. Of course, the target audience of the device is not as wide as we would like, but in any case it should find its consumer. Possible applications of the Raspberry Pi are limited mainly by the developer’s imagination. We can hope that users will get an analog of Guruplug / SheevaPlug from this high-tech product, but only in this case the manufacturer will be able to avoid problems with the failure of microcomputers due to the unsuccessfully implemented heat removal mechanism.

    Next - photos of the board after mounting components on it:

    And - photos of the board before mounting components on it:

    And also a diagram that shows the differences between versions “A” and “B” of the device:

    To whom it is interesting, I suggest listening to what people involved in the development say about their project:

    The second video demonstrates HD video playback capabilities:

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