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    Briefly and to the point: today we launched the rating of telecom operators . We build it based on feedback from visitors throughout Russia. But in addition to subscribers, it is attended by representatives of telecom operators who help solve problems arising from the use of services.

    Now let's talk a little more about the service.

    I don’t understand anything ...

    We all use mobile communications, and we are often not happy with something. We express our dissatisfaction to others in real life, social networks and other "Internet". Often the monitoring service contacts you, but this is what happens afterwards and if the problem is being resolved, your people around you will often not know. The psychology of man is such that he will gladly write that “Petka is a fool” on any fence, and making sure of the opposite, he will not run to tell everyone that “Petka is awesome!”.

    This is my size!

    At the time of launch (November 30, 2011) the official representatives of Beeline, Megafon, MTS, Skylink are present in the rating and Tele2 is about to connect. Reviews are accepted in all regions of Russia.

    Moreover, these are not some impersonal companies with a name and logo, but specific people - with specific posts, photographs. Which, interestingly, all the representatives at the moment are girls.

    Agree, it's nice to write a review for a specific person, and even know that they will read it and take action.

    Look what they’re evacuating ...

    Leaving a review, the visitor rates the operator so far for two services - mobile communications and mobile Internet in their region.

    What kind of toys are these?

    To speed up the processing of feedback, the user can specify their personal data that is visible only to the operator and site administrator. Fields are optional. Data is stored year.

    After a review has been sent, it is reviewed by a moderator for compliance with the rating rules. He has the right to reject or accept the review, or delete it altogether. Representatives of the operator receive feedback immediately, even before it was processed by the moderator.

    I know the magic word - please!

    Rules ranking fixed rules for writing reviews and basically communicate online. Knowing full well that sometimes emotions can “cover”, we reserve the right to edit your review, leaving the essence of the problem there exclusively.

    Well, I already saw it ...

    Yes, you are absolutely right, the operators are already helping people on Twitter and social networks. But what to do for those who do not use twitter, and communication in the format of a social network is not convenient for him? This is just another centralized mechanism for receiving feedback, with clear rules. Well, which allows you to make some kind of opinion about which operator in each of the regions has the most loyal audience.

    You won’t count in all ...

    The service is in beta, and if you notice errors, or you have suggestions, we will be happy to read them and take action. You can write to mailbox@gtoday.ru, which is indicated on each page.

    Someone you remind me of ...

    Yes, we use the methodology of the " National Bank Rating " service from banki.ru . We use it with their permission, which we got when starting to implement the project. Moreover, it was this service that inspired us.

    End, end ... Ends in the water!

    You can study the project in more detail here - gtoday.ru/ops
    The author of the “picture to attract attention” is illustrator Phil Dunsky , who completed the collage on our order.
    The headings in this text are taken from the wonderful cartoon " Last year's snow fell ."

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