The court withdrew the ban on sales of Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia

    Samsung has been successful in Apple patent infringement. The court lifted the temporary ban on the sale of Galaxy Tab 10.1, and on Friday the Korean company will be able to begin selling these devices in Australia. In general, quite rarely, companies manage to win such litigation, Samsung lawyers did their best. However, soon Apple may also receive an appeal against the court’s decision, so that the solution to the problem, as always in such cases, is postponed.

    The court decision was received very on time, because now there is a Christmas sale of everything and everything, and people are throwing out a huge amount of money for gifts. And Samsung tablet sales in Australia can start right off the bat. However, if Apple manages to do something again to block the sales of tablets of the South Korean company, then a Christmas meeting can be held for Samsung is not very fun. However, there are not so many chances to block sales, Apple lawyers can only file an appeal, which, most likely, will be rejected.

    In Germany, as you know, the court ban has not yet been lifted, and Samsung released the Galaxy Tab 10.1N specifically for the German market. Apple believes that this version violates the patents for the company's technology, and they are going to sue. It may well be that in Germany and the Galaxy Tab 10.1N will be banned for sale.

    Now Apple and Samsung are “fighting” in the courts of 10 countries, this is one of the largest patent wars of recent times. It all started in April, first with a small dispute, which then escalated into a heated conflict. As for Australia, Samsung has already filed a lawsuit demanding to stop selling iPhone 4S in this country. According to representatives of the South Korean company, Apple has violated some patents for technology owned by Samsung.

    Well, we will wait for the next series of claims. It seems that the litigation of both companies can drag on for a very long time.

    Via Reuters

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