The birth of a startup. From idea to implementation

Good afternoon, Khabrovsk residents.

I know that there have already been a lot of similar articles, but I want to try to make my contribution as well. I do not pretend to be the title of truth in the first instance, but some of my experience may seem interesting to you.

Probably, each of us wants to come up with and create our own website, mobile application or service, someone even tried and stepped on a rake. And someone else collected all the rakes, and, not calming down, went off to look for burning coals.
It very rarely happens that a person undertakes to do something and everything turns out right away, usually just the opposite - difficulties arise from nowhere, what seemed simple - in fact, turned out to be difficult and required a lot of time and effort, and a great idea for For some reason, the startup did not inspire users. But, fortunately, there is another fact: the right path is already half the battle. Knowing that you are on the right track, moving forward is much easier.

Morpheus: Knowing the path and passing it is not the same thing.
Loyn: I know, buddy. I want to talk about this today.

Part one. Idea

The idea
It all starts with it.
And this is what no one wants to pay for, but what is the most valuable of what we have. These are ideas and dreams.
Now you need to slowly brew your tea. I'm serious. A full mug.
And, savoring all the details, start to anticipate what enormous popularity the project will gain, it will gain an army of fans, and you will become rich and famous. It’s good if you still have a blanket, and it’s snowing outside. Cold November is my favorite day of dreams.
And while tea warms your body, and thoughts warm your soul, do not let yourself go down from heaven to earth. Succeeds. And when you go down, then proceed cautiously, because you are walking according to your dreams.

Do you want to do this?
What a stupid question? I came up with, so I want.
But no.
I also came up with a lot of things, but if I took on every good idea, I still wouldn’t do anything. Because you need to be able to choose something that will not let you sleep and will urge you to action both day and night. Any project will require labor, but if you are not ready to act deep down, then the fuse will dry up very quickly.

Therefore, let your friend come and ask you about it.
And after you hear your answer, it will become clear to you whether this is your project or not yours. It is important to answer this question out loud, and not to yourself, but to someone.
If the answer is still “Yes” or “Yeah,” then continue the discussion. We humans often tend to idealize our designs, and sometimes stupidity seems to be something great. It happens the other way around - a brilliant thought to yourself will seem mundane and you will not pay attention to it.

A sober look at reality
Either a cup of tea was small, or you fell in love with your project and did not watch for hours, but it was time to take a cold shower. Think about your idea yourself, discuss with a friend, analyze. This is the very stage without which the implementation of the project is permissible, but, for good, it is a sign of a lack of professionalism and the beginning of an extremely inefficient use of time and money.

- How many hours / days / months will be needed to implement the project?
- How many people need to find? And where to look for them?
- What will be the financial costs?
- Where will it all work? In the office? At home? In the garage?
- How much will the project bring profit? At least about? And how?

And this is only a small fraction of the questions that you need to ask yourself.
When I started my business on the Internet, I didn’t ask myself any of them - in the end, it turned out to be a rather expensive and unprofitable occupation. Well, everything comes with experience. Now I’m at least thinking about something before starting to act.

If after answering all questions the interest has disappeared, then return to point one, to hot tea and a warm blanket.

Blinded by an idea, we are often forced to wander in the dark.
And instead of a hundred-kilometer march, it turns out to overcome only a short section of the path. But you yourself laid it through the jungle, ignoring not only the road going in the direction that is suitable for you, but also the free shuttle bus.

If, after a detailed analysis, your inner “Yes” has not disappeared, the idea has become overgrown with details and has evolved - you can proceed to the stage of putting the idea into practice.

Part two. Implementation

I. Project.
Everything will be much simpler if you become the most important element of the whole game. If you are a programmer, grab the code. If an artist - take part in the study of the picture. If you think that you have no talents - look, everyone has it. The main thing is to search. And do not stop until you find it.
This is very, very important.
I spent a lot of time doing all kinds of sites until I realized how stupid it is to not use what I have. I acted in areas that have nothing to do with my talents, simply because it was interesting to me. Yes, I learned a lot, but those were not free lessons.

The engine of progress. But not laziness at all.
If your idea satisfies someone's need, then the chances of success increase. This can be a good foundation for your project. If you decide to make another clone of the game / social network / news feed - without a foundation in your house there will be one floor on your strength where you and your friends will find a place, but nothing more.
The needs are different, for example - the need for communication, the need for entertainment, the need for convenient storage of files, etc. But if you personally do not feel this need, it is likely that the problem to be solved will not be felt by you fully, or even it will turn out to be far-fetched.

Quality The
question of product quality arises immediately, as soon as you get down to business.
And on this issue one cannot compromise with oneself.
Let them persuade that it is cheaper to do this, and if you try, you can save money, customers / users still will not notice, who is looking at the back of the moon? But everything secret becomes clear. Do not miss the chance to show your project from the best side.

Therefore, immediately decide for yourself which path is closest to you:
- You want to make the product of your dreams
- You want to make the product of your dreams, but earn something
- you want to make money as it should, and which product is there is not important

The first way is good at all , but only for those who have already had financial success and are ready to play by their own rules.
The second is the most optimal.
The third is unprofitable in the long run. And say as much as you like about Chinese manufacturers and sellers of tasteless pies - the world needs to do a bit better, and not focus on negligence and disgusting.


I know you read the article to the end, but you haven’t received the real recipe for getting the golden mountains. No one will give such a recipe, because it simply does not exist. But in our life everything consists of trifles, which in their sum add up to a single picture.
Each car has such a small detail - a spark plug, at the end of which there is a small ledge that looks like a hook - between it and the candle itself, the distance is only a couple of millimeters, but it is there that a spark breaks out (just for a split second!), Which kindles a fire in an iron heart while letting the car live.

And to go a long way, sometimes you need to have the will to go in small steps.

Thank you for reading the article to the end.

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