Yahoo closer to selling its assets than before

    Yahoo executives continue to negotiate the sale of their company's assets. Now negotiations are still at an early stage, however, some aspects of the deal have cleared up. Most likely, the core of the company will remain untouched, and only non-core assets will be sold. True, there remains a small likelihood that Yahoo will be sold all without a trace. At least some potential buyers show great interest in acquiring 100% of the corporation's assets.

    According to the Financial Times, some Yahoo shareholders are extremely dissatisfied with the behavior of the board of directors and oppose the sale of the company. Nevertheless, there are such shareholders (and most of them) who believe that the sale of the entire company or part of it is the best way out of this situation.

    As previously reported, the most likely buyers are groups such as Alibaba Group and Softbank. Microsoft and Google also show a desire to participate in the purchase of Yahoo’s assets, but the most active participants in the potential deal are Alibaba Group and Softbank. As for the software giant and the Good Corporation, these two corporations are not as actively involved in negotiations as before.

    In addition, some other companies work with these large players, mainly investment funds, which provide part of the funds for the purchase of Yahoo assets.

    In any case, the current management of the company will remain “at the helm”. This applies to both the founder and former CEO of Yahoo, Jerry Young.

    Via FT

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