Google+ for Android updated too

    The news that Google Reader has been updated has blocked all the other news about the Good Corporation products. In particular, information went unnoticed that the Google+ application for Android was also updated, and very significantly. Of course, this news should please (or upset?) The active users of this social network, everyone else should not care. Updates also affected the functionality of the application, and its interface.

    Mobile Google+ for Android now looks new, plus it supports Ice Cream Sandwich. Some of the interface elements of this application are taken from Android 4.0, which, as a matter of fact, was to be expected. All messages and notifications are displayed in the upper right corner, the interface is made even more minimalistic, plus a bit of sting. But the photo preview is now a little more, plus the picture from the user profile is also enlarged.

    The application developers, according to the leadership of the team, worked closely with the developers of Android 4.0 to make the mobile version of the social network application fully compatible with the new version of the mobile OS. As a result, the application loads the phone less, which positively affects the duration of the device. Application performance has also been improved, and notifications are now more visible. And yes, the new interface is used to “drop” records into your account. There is also support for Google Apps.

    According to those who have already tested the new version of Google+ for Android, the application now looks and works much better than before. Probably, the Google+ version for iOS will also receive all the necessary updates already implemented in the Android version.


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