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Vic Gundotra ( Vic Gundotra ) , Google's senior vice president for development

We are convinced that Google+ has to get better every time you turn on your computer. Your feedback helps us improve the product, and we are always happy to see them. But this alone, of course, is not enough. We’re constantly striving to surprise and delight you with the new Google+ features. Today is no exception. Introducing 4 new Google+ features.

Popular: Stay on top of what the whole world is discussing

Google+ users all over the world share billions of messages with each other - posts, photos, links. Using Google+ Circles, we can only keep track of updates that interest you, such as your family or friends. But sometimes you really want to know what the whole world is talking about. Sensational news, great photos. The main thing is to be in the know! That’s why we are launching the new Google+ Feature. Now you know where to find the most interesting.

Google+ Echo: Watch the news spread around the world

It is always interesting to observe the development of events. A post on Google+ is also an event. You can follow his “life” - how comments and notifications appear from friends, acquaintances, people with whom your friends shared the news, and so on. In a matter of minutes, an entire online community is created around your post. We want you to be able to return to points that are important to you at any time, as well as find out how posts travel across the network. The new Google+ Echo feature will show you how the fate of each public post and comment has unfolded.

It's very simple: find the public post you are interested inand click on Echo. You will be able to examine in detail specific events, see the most active participants in the discussions - and this is far from all. These actions can be repeated any number of times. Google+ Echo is still an experimental feature, so we will be especially pleased with your feedback and ideas that will undoubtedly help us improve it. Google+ Photo Studio: Experiment with your photos! Better to see once than hear a hundred times. That is why for many it is so important to look your best

. However, editing photos often requires the installation of special programs and painstaking work. But we want everyone to be able to show themselves in all their glory. That is why we have developed Google+ Photo Studio - a convenient tool with which everyone can easily transform their photos.

You can arrange travel photos in retro style, add sharpness to photos from kebabs or add an inscription directly on the photo. Your idea is our performance at Google+ Photo Studio. Of course, we all want photography to be fun too. Especially for Halloween, we have prepared a limited series of effects and invite you to participate in the festive photo contest.

The competition will last until the end of October. Add our Halloween special effects to your photos and post them on Google+ with the #gplushalloween tag . Next Thursday, November 3, our jury consisting of celebrities will announce the list of the best photos. In the meantime, you can look at the very first photo experiments of our community (yes, we seriously approached the invitation of the participants). From left to right: Larry Page , Sergey Brin (top), Adrian Grenier (bottom), Britney Spears , Snoop Dogg (top), Felicia Day (bottom), Tyra Banks , Rose McGowan Google+ is now available for Google Apps users

You have been asking about this for a long time. I talked about this recently . So, from today, Google+ is available to all Google Apps users around the world. Details can be found on the corporate blog of Google .

We believe that Google+ should get better every day, and we hope that this is exactly what happened today. If for some reason you do not think so - please let us know.

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